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September 2021 Goals

Happy September! Something about September 1st just puts me in a good mood. Fall is almost here (if you don’t live in the south) and summer finally feels like it’s starting to die down. Can we all tell I am not a huge summer person? Before I dive into my September 2021 goals I want to share how I did in August.

September 2021 Goals

September 2021 Goals

In August I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books: YES! I read so many great books this month! Full reviews coming soon!
  • Do something special with the kids the first week of school: We went and got ice cream after school on the first day! They both loved it.
  • Finish content calendar for Q4: Getting closer to being done, just waiting on a few things to be ironed out.
  • Secure 5 new brand partnerships: Not 5 but 3 and a few we are waiting on details of. Still a great business month.
  • Put all board meeting dates in my calendar for volunteer responsibilities this year: YES! Everything is in our shared Google calendar and I already feel better about it.
  • Get in a good school routine: Honestly, this came so easily! Maybe it’s because Liam has been in school going on 4 years but adding Charlotte to the school routine mix has been pretty seamless.  I have a great routine once the kids are at school, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Charlotte is home with me.
  • Get things ready for our Florida trip in September: We have a good set of lists going for everything we need to do before we go and when we get there. We have everything we need in hand thank goodness!
  • Make 2 new reels for Instagram: Ugh no but I have a lot of ideas!
  • Have 1 date with Andrew: Another big fail. I think this month was just crazy! We went to Houston, had school starting, and we just have been so busy with the kids. I think this means we deserve 2 in September!

In September I want to…

  • Read 3 books
  • Have 1 date night with Andrew
  • Work on planning our Halloween block party
  • Get good family pictures on vacation
  • Secure 4 new brand partnerships
  • Go through old holiday and content and see what I want to recirculate
  • Focus 1 hour twice a week on Pinterest
  • Clean out my closet and donate/purge
  • Clean out the playroom and donate/purge
  • Do at least one really fun weekend activity with the kids
  • Get Liam ready for his new soccer season

What is one of your September 2021 goals?

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  1. Nice blog, Thanks for sharing.

    Published 9.1.21
  2. Nnniiiccceeee….one of my goals this month, is to take myself on my birthday date….will be making 30, on the 21st!

    Published 9.1.21
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    I am also headed to Florida this month! I am going to visit my family and visit the office I sometimes work for in Orlando to take new headshots of everyone. I, too, was able to get 4 books in last month! And we are in our 4th week of school so really in the routine of it now.

    Published 9.1.21
  4. aisasami wrote:

    What wonderful goals and you did so much in August! I hope you get more brand partnerships!

    Published 9.2.21
  5. Make two new reels for instagram lmao Tell me about it!!! That is the most challenging part for me.

    Published 9.2.21