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June 2023 Goals

Happy June friends! I can’t believe we are fully into summer now. It’s time to share my June 2023 goals and also take a look at how I did with my May 2023 goals as well! I think I did pretty well personally!

June 2023 goals


June 2023 Goals

In May I wanted to…

  • Get our kitchen organized: I did THANK GOD! Our kitchen finished at the beginning of the month and we worked super hard to get it organized.
  • Walk every day 2+ miles: Other than our trip I have done this every day.
  • Secure 6 new brand partnerships: This was a very good month for partnerships and I am so grateful.
  • Have 2 dates with Andrew: We did have a fun date day!
  • Celebrate the end of the school year BIG with the kids: Oh yes! We did some fun parties and activities with friends then went to the beach.
  • Get ready for our beach trip: YES! We came back yesterday. Such a great trip.
  • Get the house FULLY unpacked: I would say we are 98% there.
  • Purge Charlotte’s clothes ( I have 3 HUGE moving boxes of clothes to go through): YES! I actually had a sale at my house!
  • Hit a new Peloton PR: Boom yes! I hit 2!
  • Read 9 books: This did not happen. I think I read 6 books this month but I learned quickly that Maycember is very real.

In June I want to…

  • Read 8 books
  • Secure 5 brand partnerships
  • Get the kids adjusted to camp
  • Walk at least 2 miles a day and hit 3 miles at least 2 days a week
  • Hit a new peloton PR
  • Hit some big milestones with the Podcast
  • Have one date night with Andrew
  • Take the kids bowling
  • Get Charlotte’s uniforms ordered for school in the fall
  • Spend more time on Tiktok posts

What is one of your June 2023 goals?

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    I don’t know how you can have a goal to read 8 books with everything else you have going on! Congrats on achieving so much. Keeping a list keeps me organized and honest.

    Published 6.3.23
  2. beth wrote:

    My June 2023 golas include starting a new hobby and get good at it. Ive always wanted to climb.

    Published 6.3.23
  3. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Reading 8 books is quite an accomplishment, and securing 5 brand partnerships will definitely be a big win. Getting the kids adjusted to camp can be a challenge, but I’m sure they’ll have a great time once they settle in. Walking at least 2 miles a day is a great way to stay active and healthy, and hitting 3 miles at least 2 days a week is a great goal to strive for. Keep up the great work!

    Published 6.4.23
  4. Wow…I am very happy for you. For this month, I want to sleep more and meditate more consistently than I did in May!

    Published 6.5.23
  5. Those are some great June goals and I hope you achieve everything before the month ends. Would love to read 8 books as well in only I had the time.

    Published 6.5.23