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Summer To Do List With Toddlers

Baby/Parenting · May 14, 2018

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I feel like something my friends and I discuss all the time is what to do with our toddlers this summer. Even though the days aren’t much different than during the year, they are just so much more active now. My once content to chill baby is go go go nonstop! So today I am sharing our summer to do list with toddlers!

Summer To Do List (With Toddlers)

Splash Pad: We are super lucky in that our neighborhood has a lot of pools and a few of them have splash pads! So we can literally walk down the street and we have one. There is also a lot of cover over the kids pool and kids area. We plan to spend a ton of time there.

Story time: Both libraries near our house have story time weekly and a lot of my momma friends go with their littles. There is even a story time at a local coffee shop. Highly suggest looking into local story times! Great way to connect with other moms too!

Train Rides: This is a little further out of the way but about an hour from us is a Thomas The Train area with train rides. I would love to take Liam. Closer to us a local outdoor mall has train rides. Liam is really into choo choos!

Kids Crafts: Somethings we plan to do at home and with friends this summer is more art fun!

Stroller walks: Every Monday my moms group has stroller walking at a different area or trail and we love going with our friends and then playing after. We also love meeting up with other friends to walk during the week!

Park Days: We have lots of parks in our neighborhood too and they are a great way to get energy out before dinner time!

Sensory Fun: We have been working on sensory bins and I found a ton of great ideas on Pinterest.  Great idea for toddlers!

Outside Play: We got Liam a fun outdoor play set and he has a swing too. We also have a slide for him and a water table. AKA endless toddler outside fun!

Pool Time: On a note above with the splash pad we also plan to spend tons of time at my dad’s pool and the pool at my gym!

Mall time: When it gets too hot we head to the mall for story times, puppet shows, and just walking around people watching. Liam loves it!

What is something on your summer to do list?

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  • 24 thoughts on “Summer To Do List With Toddlers

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Thanks for this list of activities for toddlers. We may be babysitting our grandchildren for two weeks this summer. These activities will keep them busy, happy and entertained!

    2. Wendy

      When my kids were little we used to love to go to the park where they had a huge sprinkler set up and we also went to the library a lot during the summer. And of course we got ice cream probably daily

    3. Katie

      These are great ideas! While I don’t have a kid, my boyfriend and I love taking his dog for nice long walks in the warmer weather!

    4. Jaime

      Our local splash pad is a must! We’re traveling a good bit in June, but I need to come up with a list of activities for July and August. I love that you have a group to do stroller walks with!

    5. Joline

      Splash pads and pool time are always a hit with my nephew and nieces. As for me, I’m looking forward to lots of bike rides and picnics and sunshine.

    6. Alina Orozco

      We just got a scooter for our 2 year old, and then I went out and got one for myself. It’s now our favorite past time activity and dad wants one too~

    7. Brandy

      I sometimes miss having toddlers. My kids enjoyed so much during the summer season as toddlers, now they’re not into much. Working on ideas to do, I will share this list for toddlers with my local friend who has a toddler.

    8. My Teen Guide

      These activities will keep any toddler busy, happy and entertained throughout the summer! My kids loved the splash park when they were young! We also took long walks and talked about curious things we found along the path. It was exercise and learning at the same time.

    9. brianne

      This is such a great list of activities to do with toddlers! Ice cream is definitely on our list this summer as well!

    10. Keating | Mainely Keating

      Such a great list!! We plan to do so much of this this summer with our toddler as well. I’m actually in the process of creating our summer bucket list since it’s our last summer living here in San Diego. It should be a good summer! 🙂

    11. Peter

      We are anxiously awaiting the beach! There are four of them around us. I love taking the kids to the park on the cloudy days too


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