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Summer Workout Wear

Fashion · Fitness and Health · July 11, 2016

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Back last November I wrote a post about my favorite Winter/Cold Weather workout wear and decided that I needed a summer workout wear post to go along with it. In the winter I am all about layers, and in the summer I have a very “less is more” approach.


Summer Workout Wear

My first must for summer workout wear are cute shorts. I picked up these Ivy Park shorts earlier this summer and they are great for more low key workouts or just lounging. Target shorts are another huge staple for me. I usually grab a few pairs each summer. While they are cute, they don’t last the test of time. After a summer they are pretty worn. My all time favorite shorts to workout in are tracker shorts from Lululemon. I have about 8 pairs of them from the last several years and they last. My black ones I have had for maybe 5 years and they look brand new. My secret? Don’t dry them! Hang dry them.

As far as tops go, I love Yogi tops from Lululemon and Zella tanks from Nordstrom. There are a TON of Zella tanks on sale right now, so make sure to check it out. I’m talking less than $20! I also love workout tops from Target. You can find some really cute ones for very inexpensive. For sports bras I either do Lululemon Energy bras or these Zella sports bras from Norstrom. Even though it can be hot in the summer, when I leave the gym or a workout class I sometimes go meet a friend for lunch or coffee or run errands. Going indoors I know anywhere I go will be freezing! I tend to always keep a pullover in my car just in case.

A few other staples are my favorite Nike’s the Juvenates. I have 3 pairs. It may be a bit excessive. I also love Lululemon headbands and S’well bottles.

I would love to know what your summer workout wear staples are!

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  • 42 thoughts on “Summer Workout Wear

    1. Kiara Catanzaro

      Loving the picks, Neely! I just spent some money on new Nike sneakers and Under Armour shorts (because if you spend money on cute workout clothes, you’ll work out more, right? haha!) Lovely post!

    2. April Hammond

      I usually just wear comfy pants and a tank top. I need to start looking for more durable wear though as I just signed up for a 10K and need to workout more. You have great choices and I am going to see if they also have plus sizes.

    3. Kim

      LOVE that sports bra…what brand is it? I also love those Zella tops; I clicked the link and there were great colors and shapes to choose from.

    4. Melissa

      These are great picks for Summer workout gear, love it! They look like you would be super comfy and not super sweaty wearing these picks!

    5. Crystal

      Great choices! I love anything from Lululemon, especially the times I can get hot deals. My Swell water bottle is almost too good. The ice never melts!

    6. Chel

      These are some awesome picks. I think that my favourite is the top left blue long tank. It’s beautiful plus very airy… so need that when working out. I think I’d work out more if I didn’t sweat as much. Lol

    7. Louann Kristy

      I’ve only heard good things about those Swell bottles. Love all their designs as well.

      I have a lot of workout clothes, but lacking in the tank department – definitely need a few.
      Love the ones you shared !


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