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Taking Charge Of My Health

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · September 20, 2018

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This post is sponsored by AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM Daily Probiotic

I think it’s really easy to want to be healthy. It’s also really easy to NOT be healthy. Sometimes the greasy pizza just looks so good, or going to the bar with friends and maybe having an extra cocktail sounds so tempting. Yeah skipping the gym and watching Netflix can be tempting too. But you know what? Living a healthy life is actually kind of the best. Today I am going to share about taking charge of my health in every aspect of the term.

Taking Charge Of My Health

Physical Health: To me this is not only exercise and eating well which are two HUGE components of healthy but also this is the supplements and vitamins you take, making sure you regularly see doctors, and making sure you are keeping track of what your body is telling you. My goal is to do some sort of exercise every day. Not being so hard on my body but even a walk every day or do yoga. I also try to go by the 80/20 rule with food which I think is super important in not restricting yourself too much. Also, I take quite a few vitamins and supplements since I do not eat seafood, and I do not drink much milk. I need to take things to give me those nutrients. One other product I use is AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM Daily Probiotic. After you have a baby your body can be kind of wonky. Things that you used to deal with may disappear and new things may appear. AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM Daily Probiotic for women is specifically formulated to protect vaginal health or restore the natural balance of good bacteria & yeast. Powered by INTELLIFLORA, TM a multi-strain probiotic blend specifically formulated for vaginal health that helps:

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  • Support a natural defense to maintain feminine health

Clinically shown to work in 7 days, AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM works differently because it contains the power of INTELLIFLORA,TM the only clinically proven blend with the 4 vaginal lactobacilli species most commonly found in healthy women. Specially designed to restore the vagina’s microflora, it’s a safe and beneficial probiotic for women’s health—including pregnant women. Add it to your daily regimen for help with protection and ongoing vaginal health support.

I like knowing that I am being proactive with the health of my body in ALL formats.

Mental Health: I have talked about my struggles with PPD and PPA before. It’s tough and sadly doesn’t just go away. I have really tried to be proactive with my mental health. This doesn’t just mean I down a bunch of medicine. I meditate every day or at least almost every day. I notice a huge difference. Currently I use Headspace to meditate. I also know that my physical and emotional health effect my mental health. If I am sick my mental health is off. When I eat well and exercise my mental health is better too. Exercise is MY therapy.

Emotional Health: To me this means really being honest and open with people. I try to “feel my feelings.” As cheesy as it sounds it really helps. Laugh when you want to laugh and cry when you want to cry. I am the type of person that NEEDS to get my feelings out. I also feel very affected when others are sad and upset.

These are some of the ways I am taking charge of my health and I plan to share my journey and more tips soon!

I would love to know what you do take charge of your own health?

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  • 11 thoughts on “Taking Charge Of My Health

    1. Sara A Strand

      The first time I ever used Azo, I had no idea that it would turn your pee bright orange. Like, had no idea. So I took it and drank water and all of a sudden, I just happened to glance into the toilet and HOLY CRAP, it looked like pumpkin orange. I’m frantically googling thinking my kidneys are failing or something and yeah.. .totally normal. LOL!!

    2. ShootingStarsMag

      I definitely take a lot of vitamins to get what I need and don’t get naturally or through other foods – like Vitamin D. A lot of people where I live are deficient, so I take it everyday.


    3. Pam

      I try and take charge but some days life takes charge of me, LOL. I do try and walk as much as I can and recently have been able to lose some weight. I need to be better about it and your post it very motivating!

    4. Melanie Payne

      It’s great your taking control over your health! As we get older or even busier people seem to put less effort or thought into it. I make it habit to do yoga each morning, tea, healthy foods and keep moving!


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