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The Best Things I’ve Purchased During the Nordstrom Sale (In The Past)

Fashion · Fitness and Health · August 10, 2020

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I really didn’t know if I was even going to post about the Nordstrom sale this year. Frankly, the overconsumption has gotten to be a bit much. During a pandemic, I do not want people to feel like they need to shop this sale to keep up with the Joneses. Also, going to a big department store during a pandemic is not right in my opinion. Anything I buy will be online and I am 95% buying for my kids. I do know a lot of people are online shopping the sale so I wanted to share the best things I’ve purchased during the Nordstrom sale in the past that I still use ALL THE TIME! This way, if there are things you want to grab you can have someone’s thoughts on them! Today is the first day I personally can shop the sale and I do plan to stock up on some basics.

The Best Things I’ve Purchased During the Nordstrom Sale (In The Past)

The ONLY sneakers I wear are Adidas swift runs. I have posted about them no less than 50 times on my blog and this sale is a great time to grab some. I got a pair last year and wore them into the ground as I do with any pair I buy. I love the basic black and the pattern pair.

If you buy only one thing it needs to be this $12 t-shirt. I sleep in it, I wear it to run errands, I basically lived in it during my pregnancy and even now. IT IS THE BEST! I was so happy it was back so I could grab a few more.

I did not buy my Patagonia coat during the sale and I kick myself for it! It’s such a great winter jacket and I love how packable it is!

I have been using a slip silk pillowcase for nearly 2 years and I think they are wonderful! My hair and skin thank me for it and the Nordstrom sale is a great time to try them! You can actually get a great deal on 2 of them!

Speaking of the slip pillowcase, the scrunchies are life-changing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked about them, probably a million haha! They are the best scrunchies ever and I love how my hair can be up all day and I take it out and it doesn’t hurt and I have no creases!

I recently did a post about how much I love Supergoop! It’s a clean brand of skincare and sunscreen and I was thrilled to see it included in the sale.

Last year I purchased a Little Giraffe hooded towel for Charlotte and we have used it nearly every single day! I plan to buy another one this year and think they are wonderful towels for babies. It’s been washed at least 100 times and still is in great shape.

Liam had this Patagonia jacket for 2 years and we wore it to death! It’s so cute and warm and a great price. I always buy the kids winter jackets during this sale.

I have a few Barefoot Dreams cardigans and this style is my favorite. I love that the length is perfect for leggings and it’s warm but not overly warm. It’s great to throw on around the house or wear out on errands.

The Nordstrom sale is a great time to grab pajamas! I am a huge PJ Salvage fan and this pajamas set is so cute! I almost always grab a new pajama set from them during the sale.

These are some of the things I have purchased that I continue to use again and again. I think they are great buys if you are looking for something you’ll get a lot of use out of.

Is there something you’ve purchased from the sale you use a ton? Share below! 


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  • 8 thoughts on “The Best Things I’ve Purchased During the Nordstrom Sale (In The Past)

    1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I like the lounge tee and the Adidas sneakers. They would be my everyday best buddies! I am all for comfort so these two items really spiked my interest. Thanks for sharing your best purchases.

    2. Natalie

      This is my first year going on the sale and I bought some new slippers since mine were falling apart. I also got some gifts, a few new pairs of leggings for fall, and a couple of other comfy clothes. I also tried the Slip scrunches and I’m already obsessed!! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    3. Melanie williams

      Ooo so many fab items here, I need some new scrunchies so I may have to check these ones out. also love the coat too x

    4. Elizabeth O

      I’ve shopped Nordstroms a few times in the recent past and liked it. I used to shop there more when my kids were younger and I had the store card. I like many of your selections.


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