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The Blaze!

Life · Neely's Favorite Finds · April 21, 2015

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When I was 6 years old I discovered a TV show wayyyyy too mature for me. It was Beverly Hills 90210 later to be referred to as 90210. I thought everyone on it was so cool and of course I had a major crush on Dylan McKay. Flashforward to about 2 months ago I discovered a podcast called, The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat. I was on the way to pick Andrew up from the airport and sat in my car listening to the first episode. I found myself laughing so hard I was crying and nodding my head. I kept thinking “YES!” and “OMG I thought the same thing!”


I have probably seen every episode at least 20 times and some more than others…because really One Wedding and Funeral and Spring Dance are probably my two top favorite episodes every aside from the finale.

Lizzie and Kat talk about 90210 the way you would talk to a best friend. Ashley and I discuss shows all the time as if we know the characters personally and as if their life choices are actually effecting us. Lets use Scandal as an example of that.

I have listened to every episode of The Blaze now and every Monday morning I get so excited for a new one. Just to let you know next Monday is “Spring Dance.”

So I realized I haven’t explained what they do. They take each episode and discuss both the A(major plot line) and B(minor plot line) stories as well as discuss with their guest hosts journeys through watching 90210, Chucks Corner(my favorite segment) Meltdowns and Melodrama with Brenda Walsh and so much more.

If you remotely enjoyed 90210 either in it’s original airing or Soap net style I promise this is a podcast you do not want to miss. Check it out here.


Lizzie and Kat keep on being awesome!


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  • 7 thoughts on “The Blaze!

    1. Beth

      i will have to check this out! I definitely learned about sex and other things through 90210 haha! Did you hear Full House is coming back on Netflix!?

    2. Alie

      Oooh I’ll have to check this out! I haven’t really jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet but I’m glad to have a recommendation!

      xo, Alice


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