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The One Baby Product Everyone Needs

Baby · Sponsored Post · June 14, 2017

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When we found out I was pregnant I remember emailing and texting friends asking what baby products were must haves. Some were huge hits and some were misses. After all, babies all love different things. One thing we got that we have used every single day and all of my friends swear by is the DockAtot! This is the one baby product EVERYONE needs!

The One Baby Product Everyone Needs

When we came home from the hospital the very first thing we put Liam in was the DockAtot. True Story! Andrew was unloading the car, and I needed to put clothes on that did not smell like a hospital. The kid passed right out. It’s been a love affair ever since. The first few weeks Liam spent a lot of his day time sleeping hours in the DockAtot. We would bring it in our bed while we rested and he rested in between us. He would lay in it on the couch while I worked, ate, drank coffee, etc. It was his favorite lounge place.

Fast forward to about a month later when the kid started needing a little more stimulation. It became the place where we dangled toys above him. Where he discovered his hands. Where he would chill while I scarfed down lunch and looked at me like “Hey mom, I need you to play with me!”

Liam was super long when he was born, almost 21 inches. He still perfectly fits in the DockAtot Deluxe but we knew we wanted to have a DockAtot Grand on hand for when the Deluxe started to feel a little small for him. Mind you the Grand fits babies up to 8 months (22 lbs and 29-34 inches long). The Deluxe fits 9-36 months and 22-40 lbs. Basically your kiddo can love the DockATot for MANY years. To me that makes it completely worth the price. We actually have a spare cover for both sizes because week two he spit up on it and when it was in the wash I thought to myself “I should have gotten a spare cover.” So this is something I recommend doing.

A bit more about DockATot. It is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. It’s very breathable, 100% cotton and all natural.

If you are having a a baby any time soon I highly suggest registering for or purchasing a DockATot. This is one item that 4 months in we can’t live without and I don’t see that changing any time soon!

DockATot provided both products, however all opinions are my own.

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  • 25 thoughts on “The One Baby Product Everyone Needs

    1. Robin Rue

      These weren’t around when my boys were babies, but how seriously awesome. This sounds like an amazing product for new parents.

    2. Amanda

      I wish they didn’t cost so much over here! I really need one to try to transfer bub to his own bed soon, and this would do a treat!

    3. Holly

      My husband always wanted to get this when we first had a baby. It definitely would have been nice to have her be able to nap with us. Thanks for sharing!

    4. Brittany Ferrell

      I saw this literally seconds after my daughter no longer needed it. It is genius! I do think this looks like the one baby product everyone needs! I had an in bed co-sleeper, but it had tall metal sides and did not look nearly as comfortable as this. Plus it did not have the multi-function capabilities. I know my daughter would have loved this!

    5. Heather Johnson

      What are the safety certifications on DockATot? I am a bit nervous about the soft sides. I could see using DockATot as a playmat but would be worried about using it as a cosleeper because of the soft sides.

    6. Annemarie LeBlanc

      If we had a Dock-a-Tot when my children were still babies, my life would have been more convenient, and the baby would be more comfortable. I love all these new products that are made available for new parents.

    7. Courtney

      Omg this is definitely one handy thing to have! I swear there are so many handy baby items these days. My daughter is only 5 and I swear baby gear is 627290 times better now than it was a few years back!


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