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Toddler Summer Essentials

Baby/Parenting · July 24, 2019

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Liam is an outdoor kid if there every was one! So we spend tons of time outside in the summer months. Even if it’s maybe not my favorite thing haha. I wanted to share some of our toddler summer essentials for you moms out there who may need some ideas of what to keep on hand.

Toddler Summer Essentials

Sun: I feel like we all know sunscreen is important. Liam has VERY sensitive skin just like Andrew and I, so we really try to use a sunscreen that’s good for sensitive skin and still protects him. I put sunscreen on him every single morning. We use the Aveeno baby sunscreen. It’s also important to protect them from bugs! Poor buddy sure gets eaten alive if he doesn’t have repellent. We use Cutter wipes. I like them because they are a wipe as oppose to a spray so there is far less danger of it getting in his eyes. They are also made for little kiddos. A hat is super important. While I wish Liam would keep hats on more we do try to put a hat on him if we are at the pool or in the sun for a long time. Just another protection from the sun. Sunglasses are far more of a toy in our house but Babiators sent us some cute ones and we love them!

Swim: I think there are very few things as cute as little kiddos in swimwear. Our favorite swimsuits are from rugged butts and Target Cat and Jack line. I also love the Cat and Jack rash guards which are just an added layer of sun protection. A swim MUST for us is a puddle jumper. Liam has taken swim lessons and is a little fish in the water but he’s still 2 so a puddle jumper is a great thing to have.

Random: Our favorite summer shoes for Liam are Natives. They are seriously indestructible and he is TOUGH on shoes. Our go to water bottle is the Camelbak kids water bottle. We have so many and they are great for school, the pool, etc. We love these little kiddo chairs from Melissa and Doug that are so fun for just sitting outside or even to take to the lake or beach. If you are heading to the beach definitely check out the sandless blankets!

What are some of your toddler summer essentials? Anything we missed?

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  • 13 thoughts on “Toddler Summer Essentials

    1. Nichelle

      First off, I love the name Liam. Outside, depending on where I am, I enjoy it too. You gave some great tips for outdoor living. Especially if one has young children. My kids loved swimming every summer.

    2. Stephanie

      So many of these are my essentials with kids a bit older, too. Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, swim suits and shirts, and they use their water bottles from school this past year. Both of my boys did swim lessons all year, so they are like little fish now. But just last summer we had the floaties for them, too!

    3. Lina Melo

      I don’t have children, but I have so many friends who have toddlers. I’ll share this blog post with them. They are going to love it!

    4. Chad

      yep you pretty much listed all the essentials for a toddler! I know that because we reached the same conclusion the hard way lol…Great post.

    5. Tonya Morris

      These are some great ideas! I’m having my first in September, so I will definitely keep these in mind.

    6. Angela Tolsma

      That’s so neat that the aveeno also protects from bugs! Aveeno is the only brand of sunscreen I’ve been able to use, We go through so many bottles, I wish they made bigger ones.

    7. Christa

      Such a great collection of essentials! My toddler HATES wearing his sunglasses and always complains about sun in his eyes. Lol.

    8. Melanie williams

      Oh wow so many fab and handy items here. Many parents will find this really helpful for sure xx

    9. Ewa

      This chair stole my heart.
      In my opinion, this is a great gift for someone who has children, because it looks really nice and practical.


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