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What’s In My Summer Gym Bag

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · July 22, 2019

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If you have been following along with me this summer I have been really into barre classes. I am going to a studio super close to our new house and also mixing in walks, and cardio at the gym. I am using barre for most of my strength training. I always love posts that show what’s in someone’s purse or gym bag so today I am sharing what’s in my summer gym bag.

What’s In My Summer Gym Bag

First of all the bag. I recently got a new gym bag that I can use when I don’t need a TON of stuff. It still holds a lot but it’s not so overwhelming. It’s the adidas team bag. I love the medium size and still that here is room for all the essentials.

I also keep an extra set of clothes. Just in case I spill my coffee all over myself (has happened more than once) that way I am not showing up to a barre class looking like a disheveled mess. My favorite sports bra right now is the adidas don’t rest alphaskin sports bra. I love this pretty blue color!  As far as leggings go pregnant or not I love the adidas warp skin tights. Another pretty blue color too! These are PERFECT for barre classes. I also keep a tank top and an oversized pullover because we have had tons of rainy days lately. Of course I always have a spare pair of barre grippy socks too!

The other essentials you will always find in my gym bag are a water bottle, silk scrunchies (the best in the world), deodorant because even in a class like barre you sweat a TON, a hair brush, mints, and lip balm.

I really want to try to do barre as long as I can in this pregnancy and it’s been so great for my body!

What workouts are you into this summer?

Thank you adidas for partnering on this post. 

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  • 17 thoughts on “What’s In My Summer Gym Bag

    1. True @ herkeyblog

      Adidas for the win!! I’ve been loving HIIT this summer. It’s been such a busy time. Usually I love a good heavy lifting session but HIIT definitely keeps me toned with the short workouts while I’m balancing the craziness.

    2. Terri Beavers

      I have to say I’m envious of your gym bag. I’ve not been able to get around much this summer (health) so it’s always great to see when others that can take advantage of it. I would love to check out some of these items.

    3. chelf

      I love a good sports bra not just for the gym but for running errands all day in the city! And I also carry a second set of clothes in my gym bag just in case!

    4. Joline

      My friend teaches barre and we love it! Though my spouse and I are CrossFit junkies, we go to the box even though it’s like an oven in there!

    5. Stephanie

      This summer for me has been all about the pool time because it’s way too hot for anything else! My in-laws had a pool put in and they live on the next street so we are there often. We also spent three weeks in Florida so did a lot of swimming there. My boys are like little fish now! So in our pool bag I always have water, sunscreen, goggles, towels, and a change of clothes. Oh, and of course water and snacks. So many snacks. When we go to the splash pad my youngest son seems to think that’s snack time and would rather sit at the table eating the entire time than playing in the water!

    6. Christa

      I’ve never tried barre! A new studio opened up near me so now I really have to go. As a yoga teacher, the sweatshirt is my fave. 😀

    7. Britt

      I have a backyard pool, so during the summer months I 110% embrace pool workouts. Why not, right? You can do some great strength and cardio training all in the water, keeping cool while enjoying the summer sun

    8. Tonya Morris

      The workout gear you linked is SO cute! I really need to get back into a routine. Cute clothes always helps me!

    9. Lina Melo

      Adidas has so nice gym bags! My favourite workout is taking Zumba classes! They are so fun and great

    10. Melanie williams

      This looks pretty similar to my gym bag for sure. Love a good sports bra vest…makes all the difference for sure xx


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