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If We Were On A Coffee Date…

Life · July 26, 2019

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It has been a hot minute since we have had a little coffee date around here. I love these kinds of posts and love to imagine being able to be on a coffee date with you guys!

If We Were On A Coffee Date…

I would first order my latte extra hot and I am sure in this 100 degree weather you would look at me like a crazy person. I can’t do iced coffee sorry not sorry.

What would you be drinking?

I would ask what you are doing this summer? Any fun travel plans? We are just sitting around Dallas this summer enjoying our time as a family of 3 before baby girl comes this fall.

I would ask if you were excited for Orange Is The New Black and Veronica Mars BOTH out today! Clearly we know what I am doing this weekend! What are the odds Liam will relinquish control of the TV for me?

I would also tell you I am a little emotional about Liam turning 2.5 in the next few weeks. It goes too fast.

I would ask if you have any good book recommendations and what you are currently reading because I always need new books.

I would also find out what Podcasts if any you are into? Can we talk true crime for a minute or 120?

I would share that my anxiety lately has been pretty bad and I really need to work on that. It’s hard doing all the things and balancing all the balls in the air.

I would ask if you have done a capsule wardrobe. Always something I am super interested in doing just not sure where to start.

Lastly, I would ask your thoughts on Instagram. I get so annoyed when people constantly complain about the algorithm as if we aren’t all dealing with it. Just use another platform if you hate it that much.  Instagram can be so frustrating!

Let me know your answers to some of these questions below and we can pretend we are on a coffee date!

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  • 10 thoughts on “If We Were On A Coffee Date…

    1. Stephanie

      I love posts like these, too! I would not be ordering coffee since I am allergic but would probably get a smoothie (hoping they have that). I am excited for OITNB but I just started Stranger Things season 3 so want to finish that first. I only watch these shows in the evening since they aren’t good for my boys to see. I didn’t start it when it came out because we were on a three-week vacation in Florida!

    2. Jessica

      I would have to have a frappuccino, so we’d have to go to Starbucks (I live in a small town so that’s the only coffee place we have haha). I’ve never listened to any Podcasts, but I’d like to, what do you recommend?

    3. Lina

      You are such a nice and amazing human being!
      Free yourself from anxiety, think that what should be, will be, and will happen naturally

      When we live here and now without recreating ourselves in the future, anxiety disappears.

      You are brave and I’m thankful for your life!

      Cheers with my chai latte tea!

    4. Angela Tolsma

      I would probably order an ice hot chocolate if we were sitting outside or a steamer if we were inside! You make a great point about instagram, we’re all dealing with it so no need to complain!

    5. Glenda

      I’m with you. I cannot drink ice coffee. It’ totally grosses me out. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees outside too. My coffee has to be sweet, hot and light.

    6. Arunas

      I am not a coffee drinker, so we will never be on a coffee date 😃 It’s still good, right? Every one of us is so unique and wonderful.

    7. Chad

      Super like the blueprint on what would someone expect on a coffee date with you! lol I am half ready for a coffee date with you lol


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