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Weekend Reading

Happy weekend friends! This weekend is very special because it’s my moms birthday! So happy early birthday to my mom! We don’t have any big plans this weekend but the next 3 after it are kind of crazy so I am looking forward to enjoying some low key family time. But first, weekend reading.

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This week was Liam’s spring break so we had A LOT of family time. We went to the park, he came with me to MOPs, we built forts, had dance parties, played a lot. I got work done when I could but really tried to be present. Other than that it was a pretty standard normal week!

Post and articles I read and loved this week:

Areas to spring clean that are NOT your closet

9 kids books for spring

27 Easter basket ideas for kids

This really resonated about the pandemic and friendships

4 ways to support Asian American communities right now

27 hair driers worth the money

5 secrets successful people rarely own up to

Eat a banana each night before bed? I’m intrigued.

13 benefits of running 

14 amazing ideas for curb appeal

Signs your sleep routine needs an overhaul

On my wish list:

Loving these metallic Veja sneakers

LOVE this light yellow cropped sweatshirt

Blog posts you may have missed:

Currently Loving March 2021

37th birthday wish list

Most used baby items for new moms

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I love your list — I hope you got to read most of the posts! My hubby went out of town today so our weekend consisted of getting ready for him to be gone for a week. I also watched a lot of basketball!

    Published 3.21.21
  2. Thanks for sharing, It is really helpful article.

    Published 3.22.21
  3. Cindy wrote:

    There are definitely some articles I want to read that you listed. I’m thinking the Spring cleaning is first.

    Published 3.22.21
  4. Happy Birthday to to your mom! Now, lowkey celebrations or shall I say intimate are the new normal kind of celebrations. I know you will have a blast! I’ll be trying to cook or bake something new to me over the weekend. I hope it will be successful.

    Published 3.23.21
  5. I love this list. It’s super helpful. With lockdowns again in my country, I need to check this list out. Thanks!

    Published 3.24.21
  6. Clarice wrote:

    Happy Birthday to you, Mom! Wishing her happiness and good health. Will check your previous blog posts.

    Published 3.24.21
  7. Blair Villanueva wrote:

    Love your list here. Which reminds me I also need to make a few Easter basket for the kids’ party. Your yellow cropped sweatshirt looks cool too.

    Published 3.25.21
  8. Cheerful weekend companions! This weekend is exceptionally unique since it’s my mothers birthday! So blissful early birthday to my mother! We have no large plans this end of the week however the following 3 after it are somewhat insane so I’m anticipating partaking in some calm family time. Above throughout the, end of the week perusing.

    Published 11.23.22