Weekend Reading

Happy weekend! This is going to be a fun one! It’s one of my best friends birthdays so we have a whole weekend of fun planned for her! Other than that it’s an off weekend for soccer so very chill times at home! But first, weekend reading!

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This was a great week! Monday everyone was off work and school so we took the kids to a really cool pumpkin patch and did hay rides, fed animals, etc. The kids went back to school after fall break, I am SUPER busy with work and so grateful but it’s Q4 which is always nuts! I got to get together with one of my best friends this week for a walk and some shopping which was lovely!

Posts and articles I loved:

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Items on my wish list:

Basically the entire Lake Pajamas holiday collection

Can I pull these off?

Blog posts you might have missed:

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What are you up to this weekend?


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