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Currently Loving October 2021

I always love sharing the things that I am currently loving! These are some of my favorite posts to read and write and also one of my most popular! I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by! I feel like it will be 2022 before we know it!

On Cloud Sneakers: I Have mentioned these a million times but I recently got an all-white pair and have been living in them! They are so great for running errands and still looking put together!

Sweaty Betty Pullover: I love love love Sweaty Betty and this pullover is such a great one. It’s warmer than others I have so really great for the colder mornings. I love that it has a crop to it too!

Leatherology Bag: THIS BAG! Leatherology kindly sent it to me and I have worn it nonstop! The Bordeaux is such a beautiful color and perfect for fall!

Cooler weather: The weather is FINALLY feeling more like fall. While I am sure we will have warm days here and here we got a big taste of it this weekend when the weather dipped into the 40s and 50s and I am here for it!

Abercrombie t-shirts: I have talked about these before but if you are looking for the perfect t-shirt to wear with leggings, shorts, anything really- this is it! They are currently 2 for $30 too!

Football season: If you know me you know I love football! College, professional, it’s all fun to watch and the Cowboys are actually having a great football season as is SMU our college team!

ILIA Mascara: I recently talked about how much I love this mascara and it’s quickly becoming a favorite to use!

Being ahead on holiday stuff: I have our Christmas jammies ordered, and the kid’s stuff ordered for gifts, and Andrew almost done, so I am feeling so good about being ahead! We have our Santa pics booked, and lots of activities planned! Can’t wait for my favorite time of year!

Running: I have been running a lot more, doing Peloton indoor and outdoor runs and I really love the way it has made me feel. I am trying not to do too much but those runs are something I truly look forward to!

What is something you’re currently loving?

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  1. Ok, I’ve been hearing so much about On Cloud sneakers and I really think I need to try a pair! I’m not a huge sneaker person but I really love the way they look and I hear they’re so comfortable.

    Published 10.18.21
  2. verona wrote:

    I absolutely love October! It’s my birthday month after all,- a time to usher in cosy Autumn. Bordeaux is an amazing color for fall. I’ve not heard of Leatherology before so will check them out.

    Published 10.18.21
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    We didn’t get quite that cold in the Houston area, but it’s still been nice. We are also a football family only our teams are the Jaguars for NFL and University of Central Florida for college. Yeah, it’s been a bit of a rough season so far.

    Published 10.18.21
  4. Shar wrote:

    I’m currently loving my garden, as always. I take a walk for relaxation. Since it’s now a season for many flowers, I find great photos for my IG!

    Published 10.19.21
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    Yay for cooler weather and football season! I’ve been enjoying those things as well. I thrive when it’s below 75° outside. I look forward to seeing the cute Christmas pajamas you picked out this year!

    Published 10.19.21
  6. Amanda wrote:

    Bring on the cooler weather! I have been loving Ilia products and need to try this mascara, it sounds amazing!

    Published 10.20.21