Weekend Reading

Happy Halloween weekend! This is the busiest weekend ever at our house but we have lots of fun on the agenda. Andrew and I are going to a costume party tonight, the theme is famous couples. Tomorrow both kids have a birthday party, Liam has a soccer game, and then we are having our Halloween block party. Then Sunday of course trick or treating! If you need me Monday I’ll be napping all day haha! But first, weekend reading!

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: I feel like this entire week I have been stressed thinking about this coming weekend. Last weekend Liam had 2 soccer games and we ended up skipping his makeup game Tuesday. Charlotte had ballet, and both kids had school all week. They have their Halloween class parties today! I am in full on holiday content work mode so I feel like I am spending 10 hours a day at my computer! Ready for Christmas!

Posts and articles I loved this week:

12 free self-care practices

I have loved Candace Bushnell forever and this interview is wonderful

Ways to save money when you’re not a saver

17 one-minute habits that will change your life

I am obsessed with the Anna Delvy story and can’t wait to watch this

Best healthy fall actiities

31 best true crime podcasts

Best books coming in 2022

How to avoid getting ghosted

So happy Addison is back on Greys Anatomy

Things on my wish list:

This is definitely something I bought this week but was on my wish list and it’s the Hotel Lobby Chalet holiday candle

Really want some of these mini Uggs

Blog posts you might have missed:

How to stay positive during chaotic times

10 shows to binge right now

How to have your most motivated month

What are you up to this weekend?

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