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How To Stay Productive During Chaotic Times

I realized last week I had the least productive week I have had in a long time. Between the election, stuff I needed to do for Liam’s school, etc it just got to be A LOT. But then, I was even more stressed over the weekend when I had to play catch up on all the things! So I wanted to share some tips I usually implement on how to stay productive during chaotic times.

How To Stay Productive During Chaotic Times


Keep several lists: Lists are so helpful when you’re stressed. Writing everything down that needs to get done short term and long term. I always have a daily to-do list, a weekly to-do list, and then a long term to-do list. I think organizing things this way really helps me see the big and small picture of what needs to get done.

Prioritize the must do’s first: When things are chaotic and you are worried about being productive make sure the MUST DO’s get done first. This may be personal life, work, whatever. Just make sure you are doing the absolute must do’s. That will make you feel productive and take the stress away.

Delegate when you can: Sometimes you just have to ask for help. Especially during a chaotic time. Delegate to your partner, a friend, etc. I know last week I needed way more help from Andrew and I just asked for it. I also delegated some of my work tasks to my VA. Nothing major just some of the tedious tasks. It will help you stay on the main tasks at hand and feel productive.

Say no to anything extra: I am HORRIBLE at saying no. I end up on way too many committees and take on way more than I need to. One of my big goals for 2021 is to say no more. Some people have their year of yes, I am going to have a year of no. It’s OK to say no for your mental health.

Talk to someone: Get all of your stress and frustrations out. It helps so much for me to vent to Andrew and he is always the first to help me figure out what needs to get done and what to do first.

Give yourself grace: It’s OK to not be perfect at this. It’s OK to mess up. Just give yourself grace and realize tomorrow is another day.

How do you stay productive during chaotic times??


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  1. Kileen wrote:

    These are such great ways to keep your sanity during these hectic times for sure! I agree that delegating is really important and super helpful!

    Published 11.12.20
  2. Mosaic Art wrote:

    Amazing tips! I also wanna add meditation, since i started to meditate, i am a lot more productive.

    Published 11.12.20
  3. I’ve learned to delegate things for the sake of wanting to have more time with the family. This year has been an interesting one and I’m thankful for the lessons it’s taught me.

    Published 11.13.20