Weekend Reading

Happy Friday and happy birthday weekend to my Liam! I talk a lot about Liam’s birthday in today’s newsletter so if you aren’t signed up make sure to sign up!!! Our entire weekend is very Liam focused! Tomorrow is his party and Sunday is his actual birthday. But first, weekend reading!

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This week has been so busy! I have been working on figuring out the kids spring/summer activities and camps as well as getting things together to register Liam for kinder in a few weeks! Also lots going on with work (good things) and Andrew has been super busy with work too! Plus we have Liam’s party this weekend and Valentines parties at school Monday!

Articles I loved this week:

20 best romance books

25 new releases in the next few weeks

If you love wordle, you’ll love these too

Most watched Superbowl halftime shows

Have you watched The Tinder Swindler?

24 Black History documentaries to watch

Interesting article on doom scrolling and social media

Is The Bachelor more like Survivor?

How to reduce debt

Try this sweet potato soup recipe

5 financial wellness tips

Things on my wish list:

I mentioned it in my newsletter but this Madewell bag which is on major sale

I would love some new spring/summer sandals and these are adorable

Blog posts you might have missed:

Valentines gift ideas for kids under 5

9 “self-care” things that shouldn’t be considered self-care

Things I would tell myself as a new mom

What are you up to this weekend?

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