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9 “Self-Care” Things that SHOULD NOT Be Considered Self-Care

Fitness and Health · Life · July 27, 2020

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I feel like so many people consider self-care something they should feel guilty about. But, in reality, a lot of things I think most people think of as “self-care” are things we should never feel guilty for doing. I really want to dive into the self-care things that should not be considered self-care, at least in my opinion.

9 “Self-Care” Things that SHOULD NOT Be Considered Self-Care

  1. Exercise: Exercise is so very important. For me, it’s a huge mental escape that I need daily. Even if it’s simple like a walk or a 10-15 minute yoga or barre workout. Just something!
  2. Sleep: Why do we ever apologize for needing sleep. Sleep is important to your overall health. So many things go wrong when we don’t have enough sleep. I will never agree that sleep is self-care.
  3. Meditation: Some may argue that this should be considered self-care but I feel as though meditation is good for your mental health. Your mental health is super important and meditation helps so much with anxiety and it helps me sleep better.
  4. Skin Care: OK maybe a little more self-care BUT hear me out. Your skin needs to be healthy and taking care of your skin is important. Washing your face, applying sunscreen so you don’t get skin cancer, etc. So really, it’s not self-care. It’s health.
  5. Eating well: Again, taking care of your body and eating right is NOT self-care it’s important to keep you going. Eating good, clean, whole foods is vital.
  6. Spending time with loved ones: Emotional health is a huge part of overall health. It’s really important to keep these relationships going even during these times. Actually, especially during these times! Thank goodness for technology!
  7. Taking time for yourself: Your mental health as I’ve said is important. You are a better wife, mom, partner, co-worker, friend, etc when you take time for yourself. Even if its 30 minutes. For me, I take a walk either by myself or with a friend (socially distanced) each morning before my kids are up for the day. This helps me get in some me time and also exercise.
  8. Focusing on mental health: If you are feeling down and depressed you need to do something about it. I have been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds for several years and it helps so much. I also talk to a counselor when I need to (not all the time just sometimes).
  9. Reading: Exercising your brain even if it’s reading random articles online and not books it’s important. Plus, I love the escape personally.

How do you feel about the term “self-care?” Do you feel like people call certain things self-care that should not be considered self-care? Let me know below!

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  • 16 thoughts on “9 “Self-Care” Things that SHOULD NOT Be Considered Self-Care

    1. Stephanie

      I agree, I don’t really like the term self-care. Yes, you are taking care of yourself, but it makes it sounds selfish. As you said, it isn’t. My husband and I get up before the boys and workout before they are even awake. I read every night before bed. They go to bed early so I can go to bed at a decent time. It’s just part of what we have to do!

    2. kait

      Interesting take on this. I would say there should be no guilt or feelings of selfishness for self-care and these are all great examples of self care. Any self-care should be something that helps your mental, emotional or physical health and is specific to you, rather than motivated by an outside source

    3. Joline

      Thank you for including sleep in here! I do sometimes feel guilty sleeping in on the weekends but I feel like sometimes I really need that. Especially after an exhausting week.

    4. Marjie Mare

      One thing I promised myself after celebrating my birthday last week is to take more time for selfcare. I felt like, I have been giving so much and kept neglecting myself. Thanks for sharing this.

    5. Ana

      I agree that emotional health has a huge impact on your wellbeing, and would definitely say that spending time with loved ones is a given like you said. Plus never underestimate the power of a good nights sleep. It does wonders.

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I think #7 and #8 are what I may call self care. The others I do on a routine. Although I have not read that much books, I think that would be nice to do sometime. I will have to try to squeeze that in during the day.

    7. hari

      I completely agree with all the points in this post!
      I can’t believe people are apologising for needing to sleep.
      thanks for sharing!

    8. Christa

      YES! I love this perspective. I love that self care is something that women are doing, but I don’t want it to see like taking care of ourselves in a reasonable way is luxurious.

    9. Elizabeth O

      Frankly, anything we do to take care of body, mind, and soul is self-care. I get the semantics and the point of view that these things should be a given but, they aren’t for so many people. Self care covers a lot of territory and that is why I like the term.


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