Weekend Reading

Just like that, spring break has come to an end and it was not at all how we thought it would go. More on that below. This weekend we have a birthday party Sunday and Liam has tennis tomorrow! Other than that not too much going on just normal weekend things. Oh and my mom’s birthday is Sunday!! But first, weekend reading!

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This week was really hard. Charlotte spiked a high fever Monday and got worse throughout the week. No Covid, No strep, no flu. She was diagnosed with Croup on Wednesday. The kids were on spring break so we tried to balance taking Liam to do fun things while taking care of Charlotte at home. Lots of park time, and neighborhood walks for us. Hoping she starts to feel better soon and we can enjoy our weekend!

Articles I loved this week:

I am SO EXCITED for the Stoney Clover Lane X Target launch

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Things on my wish list:

How cute are these Frame jeans? On sale for 60% off too!

I love the springy pattern of these Lululemon leggings

Blog posts you might have missed:

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What are you up to this weekend?

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