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Weekend Reading Vol. 13

Weekend Reading · October 20, 2018

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You guys I feel like this week was so much longer than it actually was. Andrew was sick, and it rained NONSTOP in Dallas to the point where streets were dangerously flooded. The temp also randomly dropped to the 30s! But it was still a decent week! This weekend we have a haircut for Liam, one of his friends has a birthday party, and hopefully other than that relaxing! Now onto weekend reading.

What we’ve been up to: Aside from what I mentioned above I had a zillion errands to do this week. Holiday blog work is ramping up (this is most bloggers busiest time of year). Liam had normal school MWF and on Thursday I took him to a really fun indoor playground with some friends and their littles. Sadly, we had to postpone our anniversary date last Saturday night since Andrew was sick!

Posts/Articles I loved this week:

Moms, This is why we are tired

This is really fun! The handbag that was in the year you were born!

The worst Halloween candy in the world

I love this about putting your husband first

These Amazon finds of Grace’s are amazing

Physical symptoms of anxiety

The gifts everyone wants this year according to Pinterest

On My Wishlist:

This Chloe bag which lets face it is way to expensive but just pretty!

Love this sweater from Athleta

Can’t have too many fleece pullovers

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What are you doing this weekend?

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