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Staying Safe In 2018

Inspire · Life · October 17, 2018

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I blame the fact that I listen to a TON of true crime podcasts for today’s post topic. Recently there have been more and more stories of young women going missing, getting killed, etc. Just doing normal everyday things we all probably do. I have always considered myself a somewhat “scared” person. I tend to think of the worst possible scenarios so I plan accordingly. I want to share some of the things I do to go along with staying safe in 2018.

staying safe in 2018

Staying Safe In 2018

  • Turn On Google Maps Location Sharing: I do this with Andrew and my parents so that I can see them and they can see me. That way if I am on a walk with Liam or just out running errands they can see where I am.
  • Turn on Uber locations: I discovered this feature when I was in Cincinnati. Did you know that you can share your Uber location with anyone you want? It’s very very safe and people are able to follow your location from one place to another. I love this!
  • Let SOMEONE always know where you are: I try to tell at least one person where I am at all times. Sometimes I will send a text to Andrew saying “hey dropping Liam at school, heading to the gym, then post office, then I should be home!” Or to let my mom know “hey just got home.”
  • Carry pepper spray: I have had pepper spray in my purse for years and stroller since I had Liam. Just another precaution.
  • Carry your car keys when walking: I have keyless entry on my car, but I still hold my keys while walking to it. Not only in case I need to unlock it further away but you know in case you need to use the sharp key for something!
  • Avoid parking garages when you can: Parking garages have always freaked me out. I try to never park in them if I have an option. Even at the nicest mall in Dallas a family got attacked in a parking garage. A FAMILY! Not just a woman alone but a mom, dad, and baby. SO yeah that’s a no on parking garages.
  • Don’t walk/run on secluded trails: I think this is pretty obvious. I like a good walk as much as the next girl, but even in my super safe suburban neighborhood I don’t go on the trail alone or just with Liam. You are never TOO safe.

I don’t mean for this post to come off dramatic, and I am not trying to scare people. But we all need to be way more aware of where we are and what we are doing. There are so many things you can do to keep yourself safe.

What kinds of things are you doing for staying safe in 2018?

Is it sad that we have to do these things to stay safe? Yes. But is it necessary to have our own backs and not assume it will never happen to us? Absolutely!

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  • 25 thoughts on “Staying Safe In 2018

    1. Krysten

      It makes me so sad that this even needs to be a topic, but it’s really important. Izzy works for a university and he manages the students. One of the girls was going to accept a job at one of the local bars, working a shift that didn’t end until the wee hours of the morning. I was terrified for her! A) Working in a bar, especially in a college town, can be dangerous by itself. B) She has no transportation except for her feet and her bike, and we’re in a small town where there is no Uber or Lyft. THANKFULLY she chose not to take the job. I just can’t imagine.

    2. ShootingStarsMag

      These are all great tips. I’m definitely the person who assumes something bad COULD happen, so I try and be as cautious as I can. I’m not someone who really goes anywhere on their own. Good to know you can send your Uber location to anyone – I had no idea!


    3. Lauren Floyd

      I know what you mean. I just watched the movie “Kidnap” starring Halle Berry, and it has made me so much more vigilant. My 10-month-old isn’t walking yet, so it’s easier for me. I’m definitely getting those wrist leashes when he starts walking.

    4. Brandy

      I have never carried anything with me, I remember one incident when I was like 14 walking downtown in the dark. A car pulled up with two older men in it, they asked how old I was after just saying hi. I said 14, they sped off. That’s the only time some oddballs approached me, but I also have lived in the same small town ALL of my life, so I am sheltered. With that being said, I used to carry my keys (car keys or house key) with me, in my hand, with key facing out so if anyone approached me I could punch with it sticking out or stab someone in the eye with it. I was paranoid, lol and prepared. I have heard of people carrying pepper spray or tasers even these days.

    5. Stephanie

      My husband and I both make sure we know where the other is. We have our family calendar and we both put the location of every meeting in. Then always text when we are headed home. My boys are usually in bed by 7 so we aren’t out after dark much at all.

    6. Angela Tolsma

      It is beyond sad that we have to think like this. I do all of these, though I need to replace my pepper spray. Google location sharing is a huge for me as I do lots of trails!

    7. Southern & Style

      I am super paranoid as well about safety! Parking garages are always a no for me, I’ll go out of my way to not have to park in one if I can help it. I live in a super small “safe” town and I won’t even go to our local park to walk on the walking path there without a friend or my big dog being with me. You can just never be too careful!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern and Style

    8. Michelle Catallo

      So many valid points and for, unfortunately, good reason! I take spray with me when I go jogging with my kids and they have learned what to do if anything were to occur as well.

    9. Flossie McCowald

      These are different tips than I expected. The things I’ve always learned in basic personal safety classes are more like walk assertively, have your keys ready, park under streetlights, etc.

    10. Shannon Walker

      Don’t apologize for being dramatic. Everything you said is the truth, girl. These are FABULOUS tips and you aren’t alone – I think about these things all the time. My favorite walking spot is often secluded and I won’t go if it is. 🙂

    11. sarah camille

      I’m so glad you shared these tips! Safety is so key these days and I’ve had a couple scary occurrences that really made me realize I could do more to watch out for myself.

    12. Jazmin Williams

      Great tips! I’ve got a few apps like Circle of 6 which you can alert the police privately if you’re in a dangerous situation but can’t contact them openly and you can also have your friends track you to walk home and stuff. I don’t know if this is a global thing but in the UK you can text to register your phone to 999 (emergency services) so whatever reason you may not be able to call in an emergency, you can just text them, but you have to register your phone by texting 999 “REGISTER” and then they send you a text you have to read and then reply “YES”. Being autistic, I struggle to call people on the phone. It was initially created for deaf/mute people but they don’t mind if everyone registers because of course some situations you cannot outright call someone.

      Also, following the tragic events at Paris, Manchester, Orlando and Vegas (where I knew people at 3/4 of those events who were caught in the middle of it), our nearest city has an app called EVAC where you get alerts for any disasters, where it’s taking place, what to do, etc. Although I don’t live in the city, I do go there a lot and those areas are the biggest threat areas so it’s super handy!

    13. Becca Wilson

      These are some really great tips on how to keep yourself safe in this day in age. There is so much going on in the world that is so scary!

    14. Ashley

      I too tend to be a little bit overly cautious and more on the ‘scared’ side of things. I think of the worst scenario, and often times it will dictate whether I do something or not. Anymore, you have to be cautious. One of my friends lives in the same neighborhood, 2 streets over, and if we hang out after dark, we will drive the other person home just for safety sake.


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