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Weekend Reading Vol. 70

Weekend Reading · February 8, 2020

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Y’all this week. I just am so glad it’s over. More on that below. This weekend Andrew and I were supposed to have a date but we’ve postponed it due to Charlottes recent hospitalization. Other than that I hope it’s a NOTHING weekend. Next week Liam turns 3 and next weekend we have his birthday party! But first, weekend reading.

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: Ugh Monday Charlotte got a little congested. Then a few hours later we were in the ER because she was having trouble breathing. Within 5 minutes we saw doctors, nurses, and everyone was around her putting oxygen on her, hooking her up to IVs and machines, and getting chest X-rays. She stayed there two nights and we went home Wednesday afternoon. She is doing better but still stuffy. Thankfully it was not any worse. Her diagnosis was para influenza which isn’t the flu but presents like it. The rest of the week was spent mostly at home. Thank you EVERYONE for all the messages, prayers, etc. It really means so much to us and it was such a scary thing to go through for our tiny 10 lb baby.

Posts/Articles I loved:

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On my wishlist:

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What are you up to this weekend?

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