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Weekend Reading Vol. 78

Weekend Reading · June 13, 2020

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Finally the weekend my friends. This week felt long but it was also really hot so that may be it. When it’s super hot out I get a lot more migraines so it was a migraine heavy week. This weekend we don’t have a lot planned other than some family time, and possibly swimming at my dads. But first, weekend reading.

Weekend Reading

Important stuff:

anti-racism for kids

How black out Tuesday went wrong

Problematic pop culture

29 movies and documentaries to watch to educate yourself

I hope more brands follow suit

5 self-care communities dedicated to promoting black womens mental health

Lighter stuff:

105 Disney Channel original movies ranked 

Glitter Guide’s reading challenge

How to sneak mindfulness into a busy work day

Obsessed with this bag

What we’ve been up to: Liam started his 3rd week of swim lessons this week. He has gone from being terrified to swimming across the pool and going off the diving board. So very glad we decided to do this. Charlotte is majorly teething and its so sad to see her so uncomfortable. She is also trying lots of new foods and this week tried eggs! She was meh on them. I am inching closer to my pre baby weight and I am SO GLAD!

Posts you may have missed:

My experience with WW the second time

All clean beauty makeup routine

How I focus on my mental health

What are you up to this weekend??

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