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What I’ve Been Reading

Books · April 4, 2019

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When this year started one of my big things I wanted to do was read for at least 30 minutes every day. I tend to crawl in bed and go right to sleep at night (old, mom life), but lately I have been reading a ton more before bed! I wanted to share a few of the books I have read lately as they are all fantastic!

What I’ve Been Reading

I have to start with The Idea Of You. I heard about it on the Bad On Paper podcasts and you guys I did a deep dive. I read it in 2 days, then I read it again. I have never been more invested and shook by a book. It’s about a 39 year old divorced mom of a 12 year old who takes her daughter to a fictional boy band concert (basically One Direction) and falls in love withe one of the guys (basically Harry Styles). It’s amazing.

If you ever find yourself obsessed with an author I highly suggest befriending them on social media! I was pretty lucky that Bethany Chase sent me an advanced copy of her new book, One Night At The Lake which I have been WAITING for for months and months since she announced it! I read it in a day and it was like her other books, fantastic! Also if you haven’t read her other two books, The One That Got Away and Results May Vary you need to RIGHT NOW!

I read Rachel Hollis’ first book and really enjoyed it but I really liked this one better. Girl Stop Apologizing was just what I needed to read! I thought this one was more meant for me personally but not everyone may feel that way.

Admittedly this next book, The Last Post was a bit heavy even for me. I read it on our trip and thought, Oh Renee Carlino always has great books and y’all this one may be the best/but hardest to read yet. By hardest to read I just mean the subject. It’s about a young girl who’s husband passes away and she has a REALLY hard time accepting it. So she writes posts to his Facebook wall. But during all of this a new man comes into her life and he wants to show her that it really is worth living. 5/5 recommend.

I read Daisy Jones and the Six twice! I loved it! I will admit though that Taylor Jenkins Reids first 4 books were my favorite and I much prefer them to the most recent two. But this is a great and enjoyable book. It’s written very differently than her others though. I did love it but if you’ve never read her books I would read them in order because that’s how I think they rank 🙂

I have been a HUGE Jennifer Weiner fan for YEARS! I remember reading, In Her Shoes in college. Mrs. Everything was SO SO SO GOOD! It comes out in June so I don’t want to spoil anything but if you are usually someone drawn to her books you will love it!

I loved the book, Rush. If you went through sorority recruitment especially in the south you must read this! Such a fun and quick read.

I think growing up I used to think “wow being proposed to on a big screen at a stadium game would be amazing.” Eh maybe not. I loved The Proposal and really all of Jasmine Guillory’s books.

Currently on a mission to read all of Christina Lauren’s books and Josh and Hazels guide to not dating is my new fav. Such a cute story that anyone who’s had rough breakups can relate to.

This is what I have been reading lately and I would love to know what you’ve been reading! Leave any book recs in the comments below!

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  • 13 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading

    1. Danielle

      Ooh girl I was so in need of new recos! I always seem to pick up reading once Spring comes around so this post was perfect!!

      xx, Danielle

    2. Paige Bainbridge

      Good grief you’ve been busy! I’ve been looking forward to Jennifer Weiner’s new book, so I’m glad to hear you liked it. Also will take note of these other recommendations. Thanks — Paige Bainbridge (

    3. Stephanie

      What a list of books! I try to read for at least 30 minutes before bed every night, too. When I don’t I notice that I don’t sleep as well. I need the downtime to help shut down for the night.

    4. Andrea Larson

      It’s amazing that you actually manage to keep reading. I honestly struggle with it. And this part “tend to crawl in bed and go right to sleep at night” is literally impossible for me to do 🙂 When I go to bed no matter how tired I am the last thing I want to do is to fall asleep (and then I am usually sleepy in the morning).

    5. Kayla

      I need to read Taylor Jenkins Reid’s new book, I have a feeling my feelings will be similar to you though — I LOVED her original books. While I liked the Evelyn Hugo one it wasn’t my favorite.

      I enjoyed both of Jasmine Guillory’s books and I’m excited for her new one to come out in June

    6. Anjali

      I’ve just ordered ‘Girl Stop Apologising’ and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I really loved ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ so looking forward to this one!


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