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How To Maximize Busy Days

Food · Inspire · Sponsored Post · April 5, 2019

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This is a post in partnership with Chicken of the Sea Infusions. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We have a great routine, but even with the greatest routines, some days I feel so rushed and frazzled trying to get things done. People have asked me so many times how to maximize busy days so I wanted to share a few key things I do.

How To Maximize Busy Days

  • Schedule your entire day out: I have mentioned about a zillion times the importance of to do lists. I could not function without them. I also think Google Calendar is a great tool that can be used to help! I schedule in so much this way and set reminders and alerts. It’s great to time block as well.

  • Make all appointments for one day: This may sound weird but hear me out. Liam is in school MWF. So I have 3 days where I can easily have Dr appts, hair appts, nail appts, meet with my accountant, etc. I honestly try to do as many in one day as I can because then I know my other 2 days are work focused. So there may be one day in a week every now and then where I get nothing else done, but I’m not spending other days having to stop to see a Dr, or randomly leave and come back etc.
  • Have easy to grab/healthy lunches and snacks: Working from home and being go go go nonstop can make it easy to grab unhealthy lunches or snacks. This is where the Chicken of the Sea Infusions come into play. For lunch I need a few things: I need it to fill me up so I am not snacking nonstop till dinner, I need it to taste good, and I need variety. This hits every single box and then some. With 4 flavors (lemon and thyme, basil, thai chili, and sun dried tomato) I am never bored! With 20 grams of protein I am full for much longer than when I eat a lot of other lunch options. Plus the taste is incredible! They come with a fork under the top so if you are go go go and need to throw it in your work bag, purse, or gym bag, you don’t have to worry about packing a fork too or being on the hunt for one. Plus it’s better than a pouch because you don’t have to worry about those gross smelling fingers! It’s also a great snack idea if you need a 3 PM pick me up!

  • Give yourself time to get where you need to be: Anxiety doesn’t help anything, and if you are anything like me you have anxiety when you are late or feel rushed. I try to leave 10 minutes before I should leave. How does this maximize time? Well if you get somewhere early you can respond to emails, get a little work done, make a phone call etc. So you can still use that extra time!

These are just a few things I do to maximize busy days. I find that scheduling as much as I can and having things streamlined that easy to grab lunches really make a huge difference in how much time I am spending doing mundane things.

I would love to know how you maximize busy days for yourself?


*all photos by Jenny Havens Photography

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  • 13 thoughts on “How To Maximize Busy Days

    1. Kate Loves Travel

      These are all great tips – having healthy meals and snacks to hand is a good idea – that would certainly help me maximise my day! Unfortunately, being self-employed I find it tricky to be completely organised as I sometimes get work come in at the last minute or a client wants to reschedule at short notice, etc…

    2. Leona Martin

      Great tips here…. This week I have NOT maximized my day enough (Spring Break and hubby home). BUT once life gets back on track – I do list out my day and week to know what I have going on, I love my Office 365 calendar and use it to make sure things are on the calendar. I hear you on eating right. I do do that. 🙂 . Something I’m strong about is eating healthy.

    3. francis

      My day start at 4 am and end at 10 pm. Combining blogging and work is taking a toll on my work. I will follow your advice to maximize my time.

    4. Renee Lamb

      The tip I will take and implement is schedule out your day. I used to do that and it really worked. Then I slacked off. But that really works. The other tip I liked is get outside stuff done on one day if possible. I like that being an introvert and really love my me time. But I can do one day of just being out and about getting stuff done. Thanks for some very helpful tips.

    5. Stephanie

      I recently set myself a schedule with my daily and weekly tasks and time blocked them. It’s helped so much to keep me on track and make sure I get everything done.

    6. Angela Tolsma

      I love scheduling all my appointments on one day, so I can get it overwith and enjoy my other days however I want. I am also glad I’m not the only one who leaves early!!

    7. Andrea Larson

      This is a great and fresh look to busy days. I noticed that it goes much more smoother when the day is well scheduled. Amazing feeling.

    8. Nati

      Great tips! I also put all appointments into one day! Because I don’t drive and only ride a bike or go by foot everywhere, I prefer to do all the appt on one day!

    9. Christa

      I love your Kale sweatshirt. 😀 I totally agree with scheduling things on the same day. I’d rather have 2 busy days and 5 relaxed days than have someplace to be almost every day. Of course, the busy days are super busy but we get through them!

    10. Courtney

      Such helpful tips! In all about scheduling my days out!!! Easy to stay on schedule that way since you are always watching the clock

    11. Nina

      When I have a busy day, I really need to just plan everything out. I love this tip! It’s great! Also snacks that you can just grab are such life savers!


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