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35 Essentials At 35 Years

Life · April 3, 2019

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I recently read this post on one of my favorite blogs and drew inspiration from it! Today I am 35! That number seemed so far away once. 30 seemed so far away once, and here we are 5 years later. Older, a little wiser, a lot more tired! But today instead of necessarily reflecting on the years, I am going to share 35 essentials at 35 years I think are both fun and necessary! Some are splurges, some are actual things I can’t live without, and some are just FUN!

35 Essentials At 35 Years

1.-3. Facemasks! I am a firm believer in skincare. I think it’s one of the MOST important things we can do for ourselves. I would hate to look back 10 years from now and wish I had started then. I have so many it’s borderline ridiculous, but alas it is my job. My favorites are this one from Tata Harper, this one from first aid beauty, these eye patches (they count) from Peter Thomas Roth.

4. This trench/raincoat I absolutely splurged on. I got my 2nd hand on Poshmark but I am obsessed. It’s classic and will never go out of style so I think it’s worth the price tag.

5. Diamond studs (or faux diamond). Andrew upgraded mine when we had Liam as a gift and I love remembering that sweet time with our sweet newborn when I wear them. (great option)

6. Jeans you feel great in. My favorites are from Madewell. They are SO flattering and I am not even a jeans person.

7. Slippers that you love.

8-9 Rollers. I love my ice roller and my jade roller and use them both nonstop.

10. GOOD shampoo and conditioner.

11. AirPods. I honestly didn’t think I would love them as much as I do but they are the best.

12-15 Handbags.  A classic tote style handbag that you will still love 6 years later. I got this 6 years ago and still wear it nonstop!  A crossbody handbag that never goes out of style. An everyday tote with a monogram. A splurge handbag that you hope doesn’t’ go out of style because you love it hard.


17. A bronzer that is 100% worth the price tag.

18. A bronzer that is more budget friendly but just as good.

19-20. Lip balms that you need. One, Two

21. A puffer coat for the colder days.

22. Super luxe pajamas that make you feel incredible.

23. Silk pillowcase worth it!

24. Scrunchies also silk also worth it.

25. The best joggers for home and for being out and about.

26. Timeless sandals

27. What my mom refers to as “hospital shoes” — don’t care still love them.

28. A great wallet in a neutral color

29. Lipgloss that looks great and stays on and isn’t sticky

30. Best mascara ever

31. A razor subscription( I am obsessed-not sponsored).

32. This salad chopper which is truly life changing

33. Best yoga mat ever.

34. All time favorite vitamin face serum

35. Ride or die sunglasses.

I am spending my birthday having lunch with my mama, and dinner with my boys and there is nothing else I would rather be doing! I hope you all have a great day and enjoy my 35 essentials at 35 years!

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  • 21 thoughts on “35 Essentials At 35 Years

    1. Janell

      Happy “35th” Birthday! Those things that make us feel our best should always be essential. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, my list changes too. Hooray for jeans, leggings, lipgloss, and sunglasses. I’d have to add a daily vitamin and sunscreen to my list.

    2. Sarah Anderson

      Thanks for sharing this list of essentials! Facemasks are definitely on my list. And I need to invest in silk pajamas and pillow cases!

      Happy birthday! 🙂


    3. Stephanie

      Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful lunch with your momma and your guys spoil you at dinner tonight. There are some things I’ve learned to need in my 30s, too. I love this list!

    4. Amanda @ All Day Active Life

      Oh my gosh I LOVE this list! It’s so funny what becomes a “must” as we get older. I love that the things I find most important are just of really good quality and not so much about a trend. 🙂

    5. Jessie

      Happy birthday! I love this list! Most of these are my must haves, especially the slippers. I live in slippers! Sometimes I forget I’m wearing them. Lol

    6. Christa

      So many bodies here! I agree those Lululemon are the best leggings. I’ll have to try the Outoor Voices joggers!

    7. Hooda

      Happy birthday 🙂 Out of your whole list, if I could choose just one item, it would definitely be the slippers. I can’t stand closed shoes in the summer!

    8. Melanie williams

      These are all a big yes from me. A puffer coat is a big hands up, I use mine when there is a chill out for sure xx

    9. Nati

      That’s actually a lot of things! haha, really great list! I don’t own face rollers, but I do own a Foreo and got it before I was 35 😉


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