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What To Do With Littles During Social Distancing

Baby/Parenting · March 18, 2020

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If you read my Monday post, I wrote about how to not lose your mind during social distancing. But one thing that might make you lose your mind is having a bored, whiny, 3-year old. Oh just me? Liam was supposed to be on Spring Break this week and we had all sorts of play date, camp, and activities planned. So now what? Now I am going to share what to do with littles during social distancing, so again, YOU don’t lose your mind!

What To Do With Littles During Social Distancing

Create a plan: I need a plan. It’s just who I am. I at least need a loose plan on what we are going to do every day. Sure Liam may wake up cranky and we need an hour of Daniel Tiger to calm us down. But I am at least going to try to go by our schedule. This is what my LOOSE plan is

  • Wake up, breakfast, get dressed
  • Free play
  • Outside time(if possible)
  • Learning (flash cards, letter games, colors, numbers)
  • Free play
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • Outside time
  • Learning
  • Crafts, play dough, art
  • Free play
  • TV time
  • Dinner
  • Bath
  • Bed

LOTS of outside time: We plan to be outside a TON (once it’s not raining). We are very fortunate that Liam has TONS of outside toys and things to do. Linking some of my favorites below if you need some outside time things!

Get creative: Do art projects, play with playdough, use boxes that all that toilet paper is getting delivered in and make tunnels and forts, have movie nights (during the day), just get creative! Don’t have every single day be EXACTLY the same. Make this time fun for them.

Pull out things they haven’t seen in a while/or ever: We try to keep at least half of Liams bday and Christmas gifts put away until we NEED something to do. He just had a birthday so we are rolling in things he hasn’t seen yet and we have lots of stuff put away he hasn’t seen in a while. Alternate some of their usual toys so they don’t see the same things all day every day.

Amazon prime it all: When all else fails just prime a few new things. Doesn’t have to be expensive!

Get in the kitchen: Bake with them, let them help with dinner, let them get messy! It’s OK!

Utilize Instagram: Busy Toddler, and so many other kid-related Instagram accounts have awesome ideas for you to try with things you already have at home!

Give yourself a break: Some days may just look like an all-day snack rotation and Daniel Tiger marathon and THAT’s OK! Give yourself a break, give your kids a break, and know that eventually things will go back to normal again.

I hope this gave you some ideas for the littles during this time. I would LOVE to know if you have any you can leave below! Let’s all learn from each other!

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  • 9 thoughts on “What To Do With Littles During Social Distancing

    1. Micheal

      Well I have been watching Netflix and reading things on different blogs, it’s like world is correcting itself, earth needs rest too, by the way its such a nice post.

    2. Kate Loves Travel

      Great ideas! Thankfully my daughter is older and her school is providing work for her to do whilst her school is closed, but I’m still worried about how she’ll cope being cooped up for an indeterminate period of time!

    3. GiGi Eats

      Thankfully my son’s daycare is still open, so he is going. And I honestly feel really safe with him there because # 1, it’s a SUPER clean environment, # 2, there are LOADS of activities for him to do and # 3, so many LESS kids are going so they focus more on him and he gets his daily naps! Something he wasn’t able to do when ALL of the kids were going!

    4. Stephanie

      We were on spring break last week and on Thursday were told my boys won’t be back in school until at least mid-April. We set up a loose schedule as well, but my first grader will have assignments that have to be completed so we are working in some academic time, too.

    5. chad

      Awesome ideas…We’ve been doing a few of these things and it’s been okay. Also, we’re trying to minimize screen time, this also has been going well lol…

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      This made me miss my grandson so much. Because of this quarantine, he has to stay home with his parents. I used to have him with me everyday. 🙁 I miss our drawing activities. I miss having to set up his train set and watch him play. 🙁 Hoping and praying that this crisis will be over soon.

    7. aisasami

      What great tips to do with little ones during these times. I don’t have little ones but I really like the idea of giving them plenty of outside time because that is super important!


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