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How To Not Lose Your Mind During Social Distancing

Inspire · Life · March 16, 2020

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I feel like the last week of life has felt like months. Liam left school Wednesday to start spring break early (the teachers had a conference) and now we are out of school till the end of the month(at least). Andrew is working from home till further notice, and we aren’t leaving the house much at all. Social distancing is the phrase right now and it’s the cool thing to do. If you are like me at first you probably thought to yourself; “oh god I can’t leave the house for weeks? Im going to lose it!” So I want to share how to not lose your mind during social distancing. Later this week I will have a post up on things you can do with your kiddos so they don’t drive you crazy!

How To Not Lose Your Mind During Social Distancing

Hang out with your TBR pile: I have such a long list of books TBR(to be read) and I can’t wait to dive into them. I mean listen we are all home, and reading will give you such a great mental escape. Plus it’s better than just zoning out in front of the news 24/7.

Catch up on shows: But if you need a TV break it’s a great time to binge watch some shows. We started back up with Jack Ryan and I plan to watch the most recent season of Stranger Things next. Here are some recommendations if you are looking for a show to get into.

Take advantage of at home workouts: One of my first realizations of change was not going to the gym. Working out is my mental escape and I will really miss my gym. But we live in a world where at home workouts are LITERALLY at our fingertips. My barre studio is offering 60 days of barre at home. Pelaton has discounts, there is OBE fitness, Aaptiv, and so many more! Youtube has TONS of free workouts too. This is my absolute favorite Yoga channel on Youtube.

Have a virtual coffee date with friends/family: Thank god for FaceTime am I right? I plan to have lots of FaceTime dates with friends and family to stay connected and sane. Grab some coffee and make a plan with a girlfriend to have a coffee chat over FaceTime.

Get those house projects done: This is one thing we are absolutely doing! Lots of things we have been wanting to do around our house are about to get done and I can’t wait!

Get ahead on work: This may not work for everyone but for bloggers this is a great time to get ahead on blog post, social media posts, editorial calendars, etc.

Enjoy the extra bonding time: I am stuck at home with my husband and sweet babies and I am very much looking forward to the extra time with Andrew and Liam (I’m always with Charlotte) and doing things with Liam like puzzles, crafts, and playing outside.

Learn some new recipes: The grocery store didn’t have what you wanted? Try some new recipes with things you have or things you are able to find. Or just try new recipes just because! It’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen!

I hope this gave you all some ideas of how to not lose your mind during social distancing. This is a tough time in our world and everyone is on edge and scared. Please be kind to those around you. Check on parents and elderly neighbors. If they need stuff try to help. Stay inside as much as possible and check the CDC website for the most accurate information. If we follow social distancing we will all be better off!


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  • 16 thoughts on “How To Not Lose Your Mind During Social Distancing

    1. Briana

      Thank you for posting this! Social distancing needs to be taken seriously but as a homebody, I feel like a pro at this already! I love the idea of a virtual coffee date or catching up on the projects you’ve been meaning to do around the house. I will definitely be throwing myself into organization projects as well as trying to take up a new hobby or two.


    2. Joline

      As a full-fledged introvert, social distancing has been my jam for years 🙂 But I do hope more people do it. It saves lives. It’s maddening to see people still going to packed bars and restaurants!

    3. Holly

      These are great tips. We are definitely encouraging our kids to be creative with items on hand for art projects and read books they have, but haven’t read.

    4. Stephanie

      Things are definitely surreal right now. We just got notice that my boys will be out of school until at least 4/10 but I really don’t think we are going to go back this school year. We are coming up with a homeschooling plan for the last two months of school that they will miss and hope they don’t fall too far behind. We have already gotten a lot of house projects done and have more on the list!

    5. Clarice

      This post is really timely. Though personally, I don’t mind since I am quite used to staying at home. I know quite a lot of friends who’s worried on how they are going to cope.

      Love the idea of a virtual coffee date. 🙂

    6. Ave

      Our schools closed last Friday and we are not allowed to leave our homes for any reason except to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or to work if needed. We have 2 weeks left, but the government says it might be for a longer time. We are trying to have some kind of routine, so we won’t get bored and all the needed things get done. So we exercise with all the family at home, keep up with the school work and also enjoy books and family time together.

    7. Flossie McCowald

      LOVE your upbeat take on this! Yes, things are veeeeery different around here – I, too, am hoping to actually get ahead on work, even though my home office (our living room) is now home to 3 other people sharing my workspace LOL! 🙂

    8. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      My sons “found time” to clean their rooms. We are on “community quarantine” and are advised to stay indoors. Only one person per household is allowed outside and it would be only for purposes of purchasing food, medicines and other necessities. I am using this time to deep clean the house, make sure the laundry basket is empty and binge watch shows on Netflix.

    9. Christa

      I have a loooong list of recipes I’ve been wanting to try. Now is such a great time! I’m trying to focus on the positives and spending time catching up is a big one.


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