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36th Birthday Wish List

Life · March 20, 2020

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Well, my 36th birthday is about to be here on April 3rd. Considering when I started this blog I was 25, something about turning 36 just seems crazy to me. I will say the more into my 30s I get the more confident and comfortable in my own skin I become. Something I was not at all in my 20s. While I pretty much buy what I want I did make a 36th birthday wish list which is more a “what I plan to treat myself to” guide.

36th Birthday Wish List

My mom did ask me what I wanted and the ONLY thing I could think of was this Le Labo candle. I love the smell so much and I don’t think I could justify buying this candle for myself.

I haven’t bought a ton of clothes since having Charlotte. Mostly because I want to get back closer to my pre-pregnancy size. I have about 30 lbs to go from the 78 I gained. Oof. But one of my go-to items in the spring and summer are Lululemon tracker shorts. I wouldn’t mind a new pair!

I love my silk scrunchies but I also really like the Lululemon velvet scrunchies! I only have one and would love another.

I am HERE for headbands! I was on the headband bandwagon last time they were big and I am on it again. I love this cute one for spring and summer.

When do I not want a Starbucks gift card?

New pajamas are something I think always make a great gift for birthdays, Mothers Day, etc. I love these from PJ Salvage , I also love these from Lake Pajamas aka the softest pajamas you will ever own!

I love the sports bras from Outdoor Voices so I will probably treat myself to a new one. Loving the dark green!

Honestly, this year’s birthday is probably going to look a bit different. But I am looking forward to celebrating at home with my 3 favorite people. I imagine Andrew will cook dinner and we will probably watch a movie. I’m hoping to get in a good family walk too. The best gift honestly, would just be things going back to normal.

What would you ask for, for your birthday?

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  • 8 thoughts on “36th Birthday Wish List

    1. Holly Lasha

      I also love getting new pajamas. There is just something so fun about new, soft and comfy clothes to snuggle up in!

    2. Stephanie

      Today is my younger son’s birthday. He is 5 and it’s been so hard this year since we had to cancel so many fun things like a Cub Scout camping trip that we should have been on the way to right now and his birthday party and we had to unenroll him from school. It’s definitely different right now, that’s for sure! For my birthday this year, last month, I treated myself to some new pretty purple roller blades since my older son is enjoying skating lately!

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      My birthday is in November so I have not thought of a wish list yet. However, my daughter will be celebrating her birthday on Monday and I feel sorry that we can’t go and get her a cake because of this quarantine thing. I know she would love to have new pajamas too and some silk scrunchies. We will just have to wait till the crisis is over so I can go out and get her a gift.

    4. Di

      I am all about the yoga lounge wear and candles. I also prefer lunches out, plants for the garden and nights in with the hubby!

    5. Christa

      Comfy clothes, candles, and coffee. This looks like my wishlist, too! Happy birthday! I hope it’s a good one, even if it’s a little different than planned.


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