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What’s In My Diaper Bag (Baby and Toddler)

Baby/Parenting · March 9, 2020

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Now that I have had a couple of months with two kiddos in diapers (a baby and a toddler) I feel like I know what kinds of things to keep in the diaper bag. So today I am sharing what’s in my diaper bag (baby and toddler) edition!

What’s In My Diaper Bag (Baby and Toddler)

Diaper Bag: I have been using a Fawn Designs Backpack for nearly two years! I do still love my Pottery Barn Diaper bag but I think the Fawn Designs just suits my life better right now.

Both both:  Diapers and wipes: Now we need two sizes of diapers. I actually keep them in giant baggies so they don’t get mixed up and I can find easier what I need. We also keep Pampers wipes! Then I keep A&D ointment for diaper changes and a changing pad. We also have Nuby diaper baggies to dispose diapers in.

For Baby: For the babe I keep a few baby specific things: A wubbanub and pacifier, formula and bottles, burp cloth, extra outfit, socks, bib, and small toy.

For Liam: Extra outfit, tablet, one toy, snack bars, disposable placemats, and his water bottle.

I really try not to over pack it and if Liam isn’t with me I will sometimes take his stuff out. I am interested to see how this changes over the coming months!

What is a diaper bag essential you always have?


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  • 14 thoughts on “What’s In My Diaper Bag (Baby and Toddler)

    1. Holly Lasha

      Having extra burp rags in your diaper bag is definitely a must for be with a baby. Also…baby wipes are fantastic at any age!

    2. Lori Bosworth

      It sounds like your diaper bag is super organized. That’s a good idea to remove Liam’s things when he is not with you as I’m sure your diaper bag gets heavy!

    3. Anita Fonte

      All of the above are my essentials for on the go. I also leave an extra set of clothes in my car for emergencies.

    4. Stephanie

      The diaper bag definitely changes as they get older! I always had a backpack diaper bag because it was easier to keep my hands free. Now that my boys are almost 5 and 6.5 I don’t carry a bag for them anymore. I do keep a change of outfit for all of us in the back of the SUV though!

    5. Marjie Mare

      I remember those days when my girls were little. I just wish I have known all of the great bloggers like you to share tips with me.

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I should send the link to this post to my daughter. She always forgets something. Although her child is already of toddler age, having a pack of wipes and extra clothing is always a good thing.

    7. Elizabeth O

      Buy, do I remember those days! We carried everything fir two and double checked to make sure noting was missing. Ha


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