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Raising A Daughter: International Women’s Day

Baby/Parenting · Inspire · Life · Sponsored Post · March 5, 2020

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Having a daughter is a huge responsibility to me. In honor of International Women’s Day I want to share what raising a daughter in today’s society means to me and how I think differently because of it.

Raising A Daughter: International Women’s Day

Teaching her to love her body: This is something I feel like i have struggled with my entire life but I really want better for Charlotte. I want her from as early as possible to know her body is beautiful and a women’s body does amazing things. It can grow and nourish a human, it can run fast, it can play sports just like boys, it can be strong, and it can be beautiful. I want her to exercise for the joy and love of it like I do and not because she thinks she needs to do it to change her body.

Teaching her to say no: I want her to know that NO MEANS NO and that goes for boys, or when someone asks her to do something she doesn’t want to do, or that doesn’t fill her cup. Saying no is empowering and it’s OK to do.

Teaching her to be a strong women: I want her to stand up for herself and what she believes in even if it’s not the MOST popular thing to do. I want her to find passions and pursue them. I want her to love life!

Teaching her that it’s also ok to ask for help: But I want her to know she doesn’t ALWAYS have to be strong and it’s OK to ask for help when she needs it. From help with homework to help lifting something heavy or just help getting through the tough stuff in life.

I am very lucky that I get to spend every day with Charlotte and one thing I love doing with her is going for walks. I talk to her a lot about these things on our walks! My favorite adidas products for walks are the Swift Run shoes (I have about 5 pairs) and I love this sweet little hoodie set for Charlotte!

What do you think about raising a daughter in today’s world?

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  • 11 thoughts on “Raising A Daughter: International Women’s Day

    1. Holly Lasha

      I agree about teaching no meaning no and teaching it early. It’s important for little girls to know from a young age that they get to be in control of their own choices and bodies!

    2. Joline

      I love how girls today are being raised to be stronger, more independent women. Imagine what our world will be like when they’re all grown up! 🙂

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      Those are things we must teach our daughters early on in life. I only have one daughter and I hope I have taught her enough that would help her carry on in the future. I always tell her (and my two adult sons too) that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and that I am always here to listen and to offer advice.

    4. Stephanie

      This is so great that you know what values you want to instill in your daughter so early. As a boy mom, this is also important to me because I want to instill some of these values to my boys that women are strong and beautiful and independent but also can use your help when needed.

    5. Chad

      This is beautiful! I love what you’re instilling in your daughter especially that it is okay to ask for help, i can’t agree more.

    6. aisasami

      I think my mom would agree with you when talking about me. It is hard to raise a daughter sometimes, especially during the teenage years, but it is rewarding now. Though my mom now misses me since I moved half away from the world from her.

    7. merry

      Raising a daughter is a blessing because i think women are more caring and sensitive to emotions and feelings and that is the reason why the task is challenging, The points that you are teaching your daughter are great. Hope it turns out really well.


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