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What’s In My Hospital Bag

Baby/Parenting · Pregnancy · February 10, 2017

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We are on the official baby watch. My due date is in less than a week,ย but let’s be real this is my kid, and I am always early everywhere. Also I am ready to NOT be pregnant anymore. Today I am sharing what’s in my hospital bag. Obviously I have some other things coming with us not included, but these are the main things I figure I will need. I did extensive Pinterest research on the subject as well as asked A LOT of friends what they did and did not need/use.

What’s In My Hospital Bag

I have always loved Vera Bradley bags and the extra large duffle is PERFECT for my hospital bag. I also use their toiletry bags for makeup, skincare, etc.

I will be taking our nursing pillow so that I can get used to using it. Hoping the whole breastfeeding thing works for us! Fingers crossed.

We ordered a really sweet personalized coming home outfit from Etsy. While that is not the exact one we used (saving that for a surprise) I really love this option.

Everyone told me to pack slippers for walking around my room and the halls after I give birth and these from J.Crew are SO COZY! I have two pairs and I love them.

I have a few pairs of these Everly Grey pajamas and they are so comfy. I wore some during pregnancy and I have a few pairs for after. They are perfect for lounging and nursing and look somewhat put together for company.

I also was told to pack some fuzzy socks for during labor and after. Feet apparently get very cold in the hospital. I think I am ready with these fuzzy Ugg socks.

Obviously I need one of my extra long Anker 10ft iPhone cables. Who knows where outlets are and I need to be able to update friends and family!

I am also of course taking my iPad which has everything on it from Netflix to podcasts. Who knows how long labor will take.

I don’t plan to pack much makeup aside from mascara, concealer, and brow gel. But this Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag is perfect for a small amount of makeup for touch ups!

For going home I plan to wear Uggs (hello February), a giant hoodie and these Nordstrom Lingerie lounge pants. I have several pairs and they are perfect for lounging around after baby.

Obviously things like toiletries, a nursing bra, and other items are in my hospital bag, but these are just a few of the things that were not only suggested to me but things I really feel I will need.

Another idea if you want to forgo all this stuff and the hassle of packing a bag yourself is to check out Duckworth! They recently sent me one of their bags and you better believe it all made it into my hospital bag as well! Birth is a time where you probably don’t feel very pretty or luxurious and Duckworth is all about treating mommas!

Duckworth is the ultimate Bundle Bag to help new and expectant mamas feel sexy this Valentineโ€™s Day, in the hospital, and beyond. Add a hint of mint to your gift guides with Duckworth luxury pajamas and a bra and panty set that will make mama feel special during a time when she needs it most.

(image via Duckworth)

I love the super soft robe, and socks especially. It also came with this AMAZING outfit to go home in. VERY soft lounge pants and a long sleeve top which are perfect for the weird in between weather and to be comfy. It also has a gorgeous bra and underwear set perfect to feel pretty but also functional and comfortable. The luxurious toiletries are amazing and I know it’s going to make my hospital stay SO MUCH better having so many little luxuries! In addition to those things was a set of soft towels (because who wouldn’t want their own towels) and a really great water bottle. Perfect for being extra thirsty post delivery! It all came in a great tote bag that I can use forever. Having an extra tote bag to take home gifts and goodies from the hospital is perfect!

Basically, if you ever wondered what kind of luxuries would make a hospital stay feel more like a hotel and make your post-delivery recovery a little better. This is it! If you have any expecting momma friends you should send them the link to Duckworth!

I would love to know if you have any suggestions on what I should pack and whats missing from my hospital bag.

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  • 36 thoughts on “What’s In My Hospital Bag

    1. Annie

      That duckworth bag looks amazing! I wish I had all those goodies! But chapstick, I forgot chapstick and it was awful! Highly recommended. Good luck with everything!

    2. Monica

      It’s so exciting to be on the baby watch! I have to say I love everything you have in that bag – not for me but I’m having such fun with my DIL. I’m sure your Mom can relate…

    3. Teri

      So smart! I didn’t plan well back when I had my little one. Wish I had read this blog then. ๐Ÿ™‚ Would have saved my hubby a few trips!

    4. Catherine Short

      You might already have this but bring nursing pad covers. I had a nursing bra but totally leaked through my top! I was surprised of all the things the hospital provided. I brought nipple cream but the hospital gave me samples.

    5. Jackie | Fresh Fit Florida

      Perfect list of things! I WAY over I’m sure all of us first times moms do…but better to have the stuff you THINK you’ll need then trying to have someone run out and get it for you. My daughter came home in a Hello World onesie too! Too cute! Good luck with delivery..wishing a safe and healthy one!

    6. Trish

      Many good wishes for your delivery! I am looking forward to reading about your new baby here soon!

      You picked a great hospital bag — love the Duckworth bag, too.

    7. Francisca Ramos

      I have three boys and forgot so many things to take for my delivery. A woman does need so many items to put in her bag. I like the ideas of things you packed. It’s a great list for delivery bag

    8. Jessi

      This is a great list! The nursing pillow was a must have for me when I had my kids. Another thing was a robe. It got cold in the hospital and my robe kept me warm and I could easily nurse in it.

    9. Melissa

      This is a great list! I found that I didn’t use a lot of the stuff that I packed because my hospital provided everything, but it was still good to have just in case. I do think a robe and comfortable pants were really good and I had my husband pack a bag too.

    10. Meg

      Great list. I kept things really simple when I had my two boys, but I think packing comfy pajamas (I wanted to get out of the hospital gown ASAP) and the nursing pillow are good ideas. Good luck with your delivery!

    11. Vanessa

      Hey, I’m due in less than week too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m more than ready and definitely hope it’s sooner rather than later. Best of luck to you, mama and congratulations!! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

    12. Elizabeth Ann

      Those are great items! I used that nursing pillow with my first but couldn’t with my second, at least couldn’t use it right away. I had a c-section with the second and placing pressure on the midsection is not fun. Best of luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!

    13. Justine Y @ Little Dove

      Duckworth sounds like such a neat service! Love companies like that that focus on helping mommas feel more put together. ๐Ÿ™‚ I never packed a robe, but that’s because I’m not really much of a robe person. I’m all about the comfy lounge pants for the hospital though!!

    14. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Looks like you got everything pretty much covered. I love those socks, and the soft robe. I did not have that much stuff in my hospital bag for myself, in it was mostly stuff for the baby. Hoping for a safe and easy delivery. Such an exciting time for you and your husband!

    15. Alicia

      I’m likely going by March 18 with this little one since i have yet to get passed 37+5 weeks with any of my kids.

      I have packed:
      – 2 onesies
      – 1 sleeper
      – 1 blanket
      – 2 binkis
      – Burp cloth
      – socks for me
      – 4 pair underwear for me
      – leggings and t shirt and jeans (i like tight pants after delivery)
      – Bra and nursing pads
      – I’ll take camera and charger and phone / charger / laptop / charger too

    16. CourtneyLynne

      Great suggestions!!!! I learned the hard way when it came to slippers! I ended up having my hubby run out and buy me a pair lol

    17. Lisa Rios

      I am sure you are going to be so excited with the due date getting closer and looks like you are getting very well prepared for it. This is such a great list and comfy pajamas has been so helpful when I had my kids!


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