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Why Improving Your Credit Should Be Your Number One New Year’s Resolution

Finances · Sponsored Post · January 9, 2020

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Happy New Year! Crazy to think we are now at the beginning of not just a new year but a new decade! We all love a good new year’s goal or resolution right? I make a list of goals everywhere and they range from family, to personal, to fitness, to finance. But I really want to go into today and talk about why improving your credit should be your number one new year’s resolution. It’s a great time to make that your big goal for the year.

Why Improving Your Credit Should Be Your Number One New Year’s Resolution


  • You never know what big purchases the year will bring: If you had told me last January that by July we would be living in a new house I would have laughed. Moving was NOT on our agenda for 2019. But 6 months later we were moved. Had we not been taking care of our credit it would have been a much harder situation. Because we make monitoring our credit and staying on top of bills such an important part of our everyday life getting a home loan was easy!
  • January is a great time to set monthly/yearly habits: In 2015 there were a few things I started doing and I started them on January 1st. For some reason starting in January seems to make habits stick for me. Every year I have added things to that and I notice that starting now really helps. Plus at the end of the year, you have a bigger picture to see how far you’ve come vs starting in mid-year. I love this info about how to raise your score after years of inactivity!
  • Your credit tells any institution what they need to know about you: If you end up wanting to open a new credit card account this year, or taking out a loan, or buying a car your credit is a major player. You can have a great income but if you have lousy credit it’s going to make a big difference in what you can get approved for and what your interest rate is. You want to start your year off with a fresh clean slate and that way if you need anything during the year you already know you’re covered.
  • Your credit controls most aspects of your life: As I mentioned above, your credit tells banks and other institutions where you stand. They don’t care what kind of person you are or what job you have they just look at numbers and numbers are EVERYTHING when it comes to credit.
  • Without good credit you will be more stressed: I was listening to a speaker recently talk about how the most common cause of divorce and stress is money. Well, credit is a big factor with that too. The times in my life I have been the most stressed all stem from a money issue or when my credit was really bad. Improving the credit aspect takes such a burden off of you.
  • Now is as good of a time as any: Today is the best day to start. Yesterday has come and gone and tomorrow is another day later. So why not start today? The best way to start is to connect with Lexington Law and utilize their free consultation to have them pull your credit and tell you a few things they are able to help you with. When you are impressed (which you will be) then you can do their full service to get your credit in order and give you the guidance to keep it that way. This would have saved me SO MUCH TIME and stress when I needed to do this. Even if you think “eh my credit is FINE” why not have it be great or even excellent?

Here are some suggestions from Lexington Law on repairing your credit resolutions and things that are great to keep in mind.


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  • 13 thoughts on “Why Improving Your Credit Should Be Your Number One New Year’s Resolution

    1. Beth Black

      I really loved this! What a great New Year resolution to work on. I didn’t even consider something like this. It’s such an important thing to work on that most people forget about!

    2. Chad

      I definitely need to take my financial situation very seriously this year and yes starting with my credit. I just realized how important that is.

    3. Ashley

      Yes! My husband and I have thankfully have always been really mindful of our finances, paying down debt, and trying to keep our credit score as high as possible. I’ve seen so many people hurt by having bad credit and not being able to get anything, and it’s sad. So I hope that everyone reads your post and takes it to heart, it’s so important!

    4. Stephanie

      Thankfully my husband and I both have had really great credit. But you’re right, the new year is a great time to start getting things straightened out if needed.

    5. Brandy

      This is a great post! Yes, improving your credit is an excellent goal for a New Year! I took about 2 years, focused on mine, got it all up – almost bought a house then a LOT happened and I’m back to rebuilding again.

    6. aisasami

      I should look into my credit score, I never really have done since my US credit card doesn’t affect my life in Japan (Japanese banks don’t care about US credit scores). But, I will try to improve once I finish paying any back payments to the government.

    7. Emma

      This is great advice. It’s always important to keep an eye on your finances, and when better to start afresh than the new year?


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