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Why We Give Our Baby A Probiotic

Baby/Parenting · Sponsored Post · May 21, 2020

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When Charlotte was born we noticed pretty quickly she had some tummy issues. Not surprising as Liam had some as well. However, one thing we did differently with Charlotte was we began to give her a probiotic. I want to share a bit about why we chose to do that today as well as share about Evivo the baby probiotic we use.

Why We Give Our Baby A Probiotic

The Why: Charlotte has eczema, she also had colic as a baby, lots of gassiness and a few intolerances. Our pediatrician told us that a probiotic would be a great thing to add to her routine that she could really benefit from because of these issues.

The What: We use Evivo which is a daily probiotic powder. Evivo helps with the issues I stated above, lays the foundation for lifelong immune health, and helps to protect baby from developing plus so many more issues like allergies and diabetes later in life. When more good bacteria are present in the gut, it creates a strong, protective wall and crowds out the bad bacteria. Unfortunately, today, 9 out of 10 babies are experiencing a disruption in their gut causing more bad bacteria to thrive. Evivo is the only baby probiotic clinically-proven to reduce bad bacteria in a baby’s gut by 80%. For Charlotte, this is why she was having so many gut-related issues and why we chose Evivo.

The process: It’s SO simple! You take a packet, pour it in the little bowl, mix it with 3-5 ML of formula or breast milk, and then use the syringe to feed your baby the probiotic. You only need ONE a day and it’s so easy! Charlotte took to it very quickly.

We have seen huge improvements in Charlotte since we began using Evivo and if you check out their website and read some of the myths related to gut-health in babies you will be shocked! For example, I had NO idea 9 out of 10 babies born in the US have a low functioning gut microbiome due to the lack of good bacteria needed for a healthy gut. So, Charlotte’s issues really are not that uncommon at all. The more moms I talk to the more I find have similar issues as well. I also did not realize that the first six months are critical for proper immune and metabolic development.  Too much bad bacteria in the gut early in life is linked to an increased rate of diaper rash, colic, eczema, and allergies. This makes so much sense since so many of Liam’s issues got better after 6 months. Now that Charlotte is almost 6 months I am hoping hers do too!

Learn more about how Evivo helps develop a stronger immune system, and don’t miss out on your chance to get $10 off your Evivo starter kit of 4 weeks with code (BLOGM2BKMG), or receive $20 off your Evivo starter kit of 8 weeks or more with code (BLOG6NSSKM)!

Have you had an experience with any of these issues with babies? Do you use a probiotic?

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  • 9 thoughts on “Why We Give Our Baby A Probiotic

    1. Brandy

      This is so interesting. I am long past the baby days and my how things have changed since back then. I’m always interested in hearing what parents of babies during this current year are doing. I’m so glad that this was able to help your little one, it’s hard when we can’t find ways to help them, but thankful you were able to!

    2. Bree

      I am happy that this supplement is a good fit for your family! It’s always important to do what is right for you family, and sounds like this is a good fit for you guys.

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      My grandson takes probiotics everyday. He started out with the kind that you mix with formula (It is a different brand), but now that he is older, he takes those probiotic drinks (cultured milk). I am happy that he is growing up to be a healthy and strong little boy.

    4. Natalie

      Interesting article. I know that probiotics are important supplements for us adults, but for babies I wasn’t informed. It makes sense

    5. Live Learn Better

      Probiotics are very necessary in these days and time especially with the source of many of the foods our little ones eat being unknown. I have never tried Evivo brand, but will be sure to look into it.


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