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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Guide · Life · May 27, 2020

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I surely can’t be the ONLY person married to someone impossible to shop for. Andrew doesn’t ever want gifts, and if he does they are super obscure. But even so I wanted to share some Father’s Day gift ideas to help out those with husbands a little easier to shop for. I did ask for his help so these are all Andrew approved gifts.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Andrew and I both have Fitbit Versa’s and he LOVES his Versa 2 mostly because you can connect it to your Amazon Alexa and pay with it at stores. He doesn’t really do Apple products so if you know someone not into Apple Watches but likes a fitness tracker this is a great one.

Portable chargers are great gifts for ANYONE and I can’t think of anyone that would be upset to get one. Practical gifts are always a good idea.

So I actually got Andrew an Echo Show for Christmas this year and he loves it. I do too! We have it in our bathroom and it’s been great.

If you have a guy in your life that really likes to make cocktails I love a good bar tools set. This one is pretty cool looking.

Andrew really loves his Tile because after losing his keys twice in one week, something had to change. Enter this baby. Such a great gift idea.

We actually gave my dad a Roku for Christmas 2 years ago and we have them in 3 rooms in our house. I know things like this are a personal preference but my preference is for sure the Roku.

Andrew really wanted a drone a few Christmas’ ago so I got him this one and he loves it. Especially when we travel, it’s been great to take cool aerial shots with.

My dad and Andrew both LOVE Harry’s when it comes to shaving and doing a monthly subscription is a really great and practical gift.

Another great shaver is this Philips OneBlade shaver. It’s what Andrew uses and really likes a lot.

So I like to think all of these gifts are both practical and fun. If you need to snag an easy gift for a dad in your life these are all excellent choices.

Do you have any good Father’s Day gift ideas to add to this list?


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  • 12 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    1. Marjie Mare

      The bar toolset is such a great gift that I did not think about it. Thanks for sharing this post and help us.

    2. Stephanie

      My husband actually just had his beard trimmers break after having it for over 5 years. So we bought him a new one and that’s part of his (early) Father’s Day gift! I think we are also going to get him a bike so we can go on family bike rides.

    3. Melanie williams

      It can be difficult to buy for the guys, so this is a really good guide with lots of ideas for sure x

    4. Natalie

      These are great father’s day gift ideas. I already see something that I can get to my father this year. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Christa

      Oh my gosh, I completely forgot Father’s Day is around the corner. Thanks for the reminder and the great gift ideas.


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