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Best Apps For Self-Care

Life · May 20, 2020

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Taking time for yourself is so important. I find this especially true as a mom of two little ones. I am so often rushing around doing school things, cleaning bottles, laundry, etc that it’s easy to forget to do the simplest things for yourself. I want to share what I think are the best apps for self-care because you have to take care of yourself so you can be the best you for everyone else.

Best Apps For Self-Care


Headspace: My absolute favorite app for meditation! I have been using it for nearly 3 years. It’s fantastic.

Obe Fitness: I had a 90 day free trial of this app and I really loved exploring all the different workouts. They almost always have a free trial so it’s a great way to find fun to do exercises you can do at home.

Fitbit: I use this app every day to track my steps, weight, heart rate, water intake, sleep, etc. I also do fun challenges and competitions with friends.

Calm: Another great app for meditation. I have used it but not as much.

Super-Habit: This is an app I have used for about a year and a half to track different habits I want to keep. For example, some of mine are 10K steps a day, 75oz of water a day, reading for 30 minutes, and meditating.

Drink Water: Literally an app that will remind you to drink water. I go through phases where I am great about drinking water and sometimes I legit forget till noon.

Productive: Another habit tracker app. I haven’t used it as much but I have so many friends that swear by it.

Ten Percent Happier: Another great app for meditation and just general overall help with anxiety and stress.

To Don’t: Just like it sounds its an app of things you will not do. I will not snack constantly, I will not scroll Instagram nonstop, etc. It really works!

Shine: This app is SO COOL, it has meditations, helps you focus on things like gratitude and more.

Goodreads: This is my favorite app to find new books, and see what people are reading. Also where I attempt to track what I read but I am not great about updating that!

Five Minute Journal: Just like having the book but easier because it’s on your phone which I find to be easier to keep up with.

What other apps for self-care do you use?

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  • 12 thoughts on “Best Apps For Self-Care

    1. Stephanie

      Goodreads is the only one I currently use. But I use the default apple watch activity for tracking my steps. I also recently started Beachbody so that’s my workout and water tracking. But I also forget to drink water sometimes, so may look into the one that sends reminders!

    2. chad

      I use 50% of these apps, they’re great especially Calm, I use it daily! I can’t wait to check the ones that I dont have.

    3. Brandy

      I love the Calm app. It was very helpful for me during high anxiety situations that were more situational …. plus it helped with sleep! I love your list of self care apps. I really needed a resource like this.

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I have not heard of the others, but I love Goodreads. It is a good way to find books. My husband is also an avid user of the app. I want to check out “Ten Percent Happier.” That sounds like it is going to be a big help for me to manage my anxiety.

    5. Ave

      It’s so important to take time off for ourselves. I use Drink Water and Goodreads app and love them. I want to check out the Super-Habit and Shine apps too! They sound like a lot of fun.

    6. Melanie williams

      Oooo now this is food for thought. I never thought about this so will be checking a few of these out for sure x

    7. Christine

      Thanks for the list. I found three that I am going to try. I already use goodreads and have used calm. Im interested to try Headspace, Drink Water and Super Ap. I am also going to start one I found for steps called Me. Walking to step count. It also tracks water. It’s so much harder to track with out electronics as guessing how many miles or oz you have done is difficult.


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