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10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

Life · February 17, 2020

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Happy Monday! What better way to start a week than sharing 10 things I am loving right now. These are pretty random and varied but who knows maybe you will find something new to love too!


10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

This lip balm from Farmacy has been a nonstop for me the last several months. Colder weather means chapped, dry lips and I feel like I may be addicted.

Lululemon Align leggings: These should probably just be understood to be a permanent favorite of mine forever. I have been wearing them since 2016 when I was pregnant with Liam and I wear them pregnant and not. They are THE BEST leggings ever and feel like butter on.

These sneakers from Adidas: I got these towards the end of my pregnancy but didn’t really start to wear them until recently. They are so comfortable and great for working out or just running around.

Personal Training: I started personal training in January to help me get back in shape and I am loving it. I haven’t done personal training since October of 2017 so it was really nice to get back into it. If you live in Dallas and are curious where I go I am happy to give you details!

This small crossbody bag: Carrying a crossbody bag is pretty key to me right now. I need to have my hands free but I still want to have MY purse. So I love a good crossbody bag. This one has been my go to for the last few months and it’s AMAZING!

My diaper bag from Fawn Designs: This is the same diaper bag I have used since Liam was about a year old. Now that I have 2 kids it’s even better because having a backpack is KEY! Both of what they need fit in there great and the quality is amazing. Two years later and it still looks new. I have the gray.

Dark nails: I wear dark nails from about August- May. I just prefer them. In the summer I will do a lighter color but I just LOVE dark nails. I get dipping powder and the color I get is called Sambuca.

Being able to wear my wedding rings again: So I took my wedding rings off at about 26 weeks pregnant and wore a fake diamond band. When I was pregnant with Liam we had a mishap with my rings getting stuck and I didn’t want to risk it. I am SO HAPPY to be wearing them again!

This scarf from White and Warren: This was a treat yourself splurge at the end of last year and something I had wanted for YEARS. I wear it all the time and it’s the softest thing ever. I have the gray.

This concealer from RMS beauty: I have mentioned this un-coverup concealer from RMS beauty a few times but it’s seriously my go-to favorite concealer right now. Bonus- it’s clean!

What is something you’re loving right now?


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  • 25 thoughts on “10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

    1. Valentina

      I love reading these kinds posts and learning about the things people love. I’ll definitely be checking out the products you mentioned here as I haven’t tried any of them. Especially that bag as I’m also a huge fan of crossbody bags and only wear them. Great post xx

    2. Corinne

      I really love the cross-body bag. I personally love a “hands-free” experience when I’m out and about so this is the perfect purse. The fact that it has a couple of compartments and pockets is a bonus! Thanks for your recommendation.

    3. Stephanie

      I know exactly what you mean about the wedding rings! I had to take mine off when I was pregnant with my older son because I started swelling. I wore them on a necklace. Even after I lost the weight from pregnancy, my hands must have changed because I ended up having to get them resized.

    4. Eileen M Loya

      I like that cross body bag. I like them just as much as I like back packs. I would also love a new pair of sneakers. They are my favorite footwear. Perfect support, cushioning and style.

    5. Christa

      Align leggings forever and ever! I could (and practically do) wear them every day. Lol. The crossbody is adorable, too. I love how it comes in so many colors!

    6. pooja Malkani

      Living in the present is so important. Your post inspired me to live in the moment and think about things that I am loving right now. I love your shoes in your list. Would love to add them to mine

    7. Elizabeth O

      That’s nice that you shared 10 things you are enjoying so we can celebrate with you. This year, I’m working at cutting back on purchases except for running gear.

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