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10 Things I’m Loving

Life · Sponsored Post · October 5, 2017

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I love to read blog posts where people share things they are loving currently, so I wanted to share with you 10 things I’m loving right now! Thank you to Dr. Axe for partnering on this post!

10 Things I’m Loving

Collagen: As you’ve read on my blog about 20 times I am a Collagen lover. Recently I have been using Dr. Axe Collagen. I am of course loving it! I put Collagen in my coffee every single morning and my smoothies in the afternoons (more on that later). I started using Collagen in February and I have noticed HUGE changes in my overall health. My gut health has majorly improved and my hair, skin, and nails have never been better. Also it really helps curb postpartum hair loss! Another thing is it really helps your skin. At least in my experience. Other benefits include it helping your bones and joints, muscles, flexibility, sleep, and brain health. You really can’t tell it’s even in the coffee or smoothie. If I made you a coffee with collagen and didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t notice. I even got my mom hooked! If you don’t want to use Collagen powder which comes in a HUGE canister as well as easy on the go individual serving packs, Dr Axe also has Collagen capsules.

Spa at Neiman Marcus: I was given the opportunity to try the Pure Beauty Salon and Spa at Neiman Marcus Northpark Center recently. I had a great 60 minute massage and an amazing gel pedicure. Highly recommend it if you are in the DFW area or if you are visiting and really want an amazing spa experience!

Facials: I have been getting facials at a local Dallas place called Fresh Faces for a few months and it has really made a huge difference in my overall skincare. Adding it into my existing skincare routine has been great. I am going more in depth in my 2017 skincare routine post next week! Stay tuned!

Fresh Lip With Sunscreen: As someone who is outside quite a bit playing with Liam and going for walks I regularly forget to wear sunscreen, but I never forget to put this on! I love this stuff and it’s so great to protect your lips!

It Cosmetics Miracle Water: Β It Cosmetics sent me their greatly named It Cosmetics miracle water. OH and it is! I have been using this the last few weeks at night and my face feels amazing after! It intends to maximize the efforts of serums and moisturizers and I really feel it does.

Crisp Morning Walks: It has been really cool in the mornings recently, even though the afternoons are still in the 80s (Fall where are you?). Liam and I go for a walk nearly every single morning and the crisp mornings have been so nice. It’s nice to not worry about him getting too hot and most of the time I even need to put a little jacket on him! Perfect time to drink my coffee and enjoy the walk with my little bestie.

Coffee At Home: I have been loving making my coffee at home! With Collagen of course, duh! I love being able to wake up and immediately make a cup even in my jammies!

Reading Before Bed: Its really been helping me sleep better. I’ve been trying to read before bed more instead of being on my phone and it’s made a huge difference in the way in which I fall asleep and the quality of sleep!

Fall TV: You guys the premieres of This Is Us and Greys were SO good! I am pumped for Scandal too! Oh and we haven’t caught up on Designated Survivor, but we are loving the new season of Survivor! Love the twists.

Smoothies: Even though I have had a green smoothie almost daily for 7.5 years (what!?) I go through phases where I get really into them! I don’t know if it’s the Collagen or just the fruit tasting REALLY good right now but I am LOVING my green smoothies lately.

These are 10 things I’m loving right now! What is one thing you are loving right now?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr. Axe – Food Is Medicine. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 22 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Loving

    1. Laina Turner

      I’ve seen you mentioned the collagen thing before and it’s been on my list. I love the putting it in a coffee idea. I’ve taken the pills before and noticed a big difference just as you said. But I am horrible at remembering to take pills. Coffee…I never forget that.

    2. Nellwyn

      I’ve been reading before bed as well instead of watching TV or being on my phone and it has made a huge difference! Not only do I sleep better but I also find it clears my mind at the end of the day. I just started watching the first season of This Is Us on Netflix and I’m totally obsessed! Can’t wait to get caught up on that show.

    3. Katie

      I LOVE collagen, both in my coffee and in my smoothies as well! I’ve been doing a dairy-free “fatty” coffee lately but this week it just hasn’t been sitting well. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been under the weather or if it’s mixing funny with a med that I’m on right now, but tomorrow I may go back to black coffee (my fav!) and just double the collagen in my smoothies!

    4. Erica S

      So I have never heard of ingesting collagen! It is in a bunch of my face products, but I have never heard of consuming it as a supplement. You mention about post-partum hair loss, I wonder if it helps with thinning air from age? I’m in my mid-40s and this struggle is too real!

    5. ShootingStarsMag

      I really do want to read more before bed, but I find I tend to do more of that earlier in the evening. Ah well, I’m just glad to get reading time in!

      I have never heard of putting collagen in drinks; interesting!


    6. Victoria Onken

      I never heard of ingesting collagen, does it really work? Are there side effects? Is it available in Europe? If we are thinking of getting pregnant, is it still ok to take? Thank you for taking the time to write about this!

    7. Jaime

      October is generally my favorite (my birthday, wedding anniversary, amazing weather…) but I’ve been dealing with a never-ending work project. It’ll be over next week and I can watch ALL the fall TV!!

    8. Alicia

      I love the month of October for many reasons, but mainly because it’s our daughter’s birthday month! She is having a party the day after her birthday and then of course Halloween is fun for kids!


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