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101 in 1001: I made a LIST

Inspire · Life · June 24, 2014

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I have been reading for years in blog world about these lists. I did a 30 before 30 list and I was pretty pleased with how many things I accomplished.

I really wanted to take the plunge and go bigger. So here goes my 101 in 1001:


Starts: June 24th 2014

Ends: March 21st 2017

(59, out of 101)


1. Learn to cook 5 easy meals – Chicken Nachos with Black Bean Hummus, Chicken Scallopini with Roasted Broccoli, slow cooker chicken salsa, slow cooker bbq chicken)

2. Learn to cook one difficult meal

3. Learn to use our outdoor grill

4. Pay off my car

5. Buy a house with Andrew March 2015

6. Get pregnant and have baby number 1 (baby boy due February 2017)

7. Upgrade to a new iPhone  November 2014

8. Buy a new macbook pro  October 2014

9. Do a week of early morning exercising like I used to: 6 AM

10. Buy an adult set of matching luggage  August 2014

11. Find a red wine that I love Robert Mondavi Sept 2015

12. Read 35 New books at least

13. Attempt Hot Yoga again and learn to enjoy it

14. Volunteer for Habitat again

15. Spend 2 weeks not looking at Social Media/Email/Internet from 9 PM-7:30 AM February 2015

16. See the Cure again live, assuming they tour going in  May 2016

17. See the Killers live for the first time

18. Update my music on iTunes, iPhone September 2014

19. Make a point to spend time with Mrs. Weaver often(first grade teacher)

20. Spend more time alone doing things I enjoy  I started doing this in July of 2014 at least twice a month for one full day. Life changer!

21. Take a half day once a month and completely utilize it

22. Do not go to Target for one month aside from prescription refills January 2015

23. Organize our 2nd closet  July 2014

24. Pay it forward 20 times

25. Invest in the perfect LBD July 2015


26.  Update my business website July 2014

27. Learn how to better use photoshop

28. Host a Dallas Blogger Meetup

29. Attend a Dallas Social Media Conference

30. Attend 8 blog conferences, 3 of them being new ones (Alt Summit Jan 2015, Type A Oct 2015)

31. I have a summer intern, make sure I have one for every semester (Intern for Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015

32. Start a new blog series Started a blog advice series in Oct 2015

33. Be better about working in my office consistently from 8-5 daily

34. Find a business mentor August 2014

35. Attain at least one new Social Media client per month

36. Attend 2 Dallas Social Media Club Events

37. Read at least one helpful article a day



38. Have breakfasts/brunches with my dad at least once a month

39. Spend 2 days a month doing just mother/daughter stuff with my mom

40. Visit Aunt Esther (she’s 104)

41. Talk to my grandparents more about their marriage (61 years)

42. Send flowers to my mom for no reason Jan 2015

43. Order something I know my dad will love and have it sent to him For Christmas we got my dad the $ shave club membership for a year

44. Write handwritten letters to my friends who live out of state  August 2014

45. Take a cooking class with Andrew

46. Make a once a month fancy date night a priority with Andrew

47. Plan a date night with Andrew We went to the Ranch of July 4th which is where we had one of our first dates

48. Go to dinner with my grandparents

49. Visit my aunt, uncle and cousin in Seattle(they didn’t move)

50. Visit our family in DC  November 2014

51. Watch Suits with Andrew from the beginning because he loves it



52. Go to Fredericksburg with Andrew

53. Visit the State Capital in Austin

54. Go to Hurricane Harbor

55. See a musical at the new ATT center Book of Mormon February 2015

56. Go to a Cowboys game with Andrew November 2014

57. Try 10 new restaurants

58. Visit the DMA and Nasher

59. Walk around White Rock Lake with Andrew

60. Visit the Arboretum during the Fall October 2015

61. Take friends to the State Fair who have not been yet (October 2016 with Zip and Jason)

62. Spend a weekend in Austin with Andrew June 2015



63. Visit NYC at Christmastime We went right before Thanksgiving 2014 and all the decor was up so it counts 🙂

64. Go to Italy

65. Go to Greece

66. Take a girls trip with my mom

67. Go back to Chicago

68. Take a girls trip with Ashley again (October 2016 NYC) 

69. Take a girls trip with Michele to LA

70. Go to London

71. Write a blog post about things to do in Dallas and in TX August 2014

72. Visit a state I have never been to Hawaii for our honeymoon October 2014, Utah January 2015, South Carolina August 2015

73. Go to Disney world with Andrew

74. Go to Napa September 2015



75. Learn to sew well

76. Run a 5K color run

77. Join a book club in Dallas  January 2015 was the first

78. Watch 5 movies I’ve never seen  (Still Alice, The Theory of Everything, Whiplash, White Bird in a Blizzard, Birdman)

79. Watch a Scary Movie Andrew loves

80. Leave an amazing tip for someone who deserves it On July 4th we left our waiter an amazing tip because he was awesome

81. Get my car detailed inside and out August 8th FINALLY

82. Make a cake  from scratch

83. Treat my mom to a pedicure For my wedding October 2014

84. Play golf with my dad

85. Go to a dive in movie

86. Go to the drive in an hour away

87. Treat Andrew to a night at iPic I planned it and booked the tickets for November 2014

88. Take all of my phone numbers that are important and put them in a document somewhere

89. Make a new front door wreath September 2014

90. Buy a new ornament for our tree each year together(2014, 2015, 2016)

91. Throw someone a surprise party

92. purge my closet once a year (2014,2015, 2016)

93. Rejoin an actual gym August 2014

94. Try a bootcamp

94. Bake cookies for our neighbors

96. Send flowers to a friend Ally for her 30th birthday

97. Make sure all wedding thank you notes are done within 2 months of getting married One month November 2014

98. Invest in a really special handbag Mulberry Alexa December 2014

99. Fly first class somewhere Honeymoon to Hawaii October 2014 and to Philly in September 2014

100. Go to the gun range more

101. Actually finish this entire list


Do you have a list? I would love to see it. Anything you think I should have put on mine? 


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  • 18 thoughts on “101 in 1001: I made a LIST

    1. Brittney

      Great list! I might help you with the red wine item 🙂 I LOVE Stella Rosa Black, and I bring it to parties a lot. Everyone always loves it!

    2. Nikki

      What a great idea! Keeping your goals in mind really helps set a purpose for everything you do. Best of luck to you on your next 1000 days!

    3. amy

      I made one of these lists a lonnnnngggg time ago… it probably would be up by now. It was pretty funny reflecting on it quite some time later and seeing how ambitious some goals were, and how different I was in comparison to when I made it!

      It’s always fun to make one to document what you have your eyes set on. If anything it’s a time capsule of ambition!

      Happy goal seeking!

    4. Bri @ My Life As

      Great list! I’m actually on my 2nd 101 in 1001 list. As of Thursday I will have exactly 1 year left…not going to lie I’m not doing so hot ha. If you haven’t already you should join (it’s free) & put your list on there. You can follow other people’s lists & also get inspiration. If you join my name is briannemcc.

    5. ClauzzenLms

      You know, I love doing list but I like to thing in closer goals, something I can achieve in one to three months, don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great idea and probably in some years I will be doing one by myself.

      Thanks for sharing with us.

    6. Suzanna

      What an awesome list! I like that you have a local category – that’s not one I often see, but it’s great to push yourself to enjoy more things in your own “backyard” 🙂

    7. Ashley @ Forever Ashley

      Wow. This is incredible! What a great list. I may need to put something like this together for myself. I especially love your “Invest in the perfect LBD” because I just did this! Now that I’m traveling a lot for work and attending a lot of conferences I decided it would be a good idea to have that one go-to black dress. I can’t wait to see how many things you accomplish!

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