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19 Productive Things To Do Every Weekend

Life · Organization · October 7, 2019

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I love a good productive weekend. Something about going to bed Sunday night knowing I have gotten a ton accomplished makes me feel so good. I really make the most of every weekend and try to get a lot done. This always makes my week easier and probably why I really don’t ever feel the Sunday Scaries. These are 19 productive things to do every weekend that will probably help you too!

19 Productive Things To Do Every Weekend

  1. Change sheets: I love clean sheets and would argue there are very few things that feel better than getting into your bed with clean sheets.
  2. Grocery shop: We always grocery shop on weekends and stock up for the week. Nothing is worse than having to rush to grocery shop on a Monday.
  3. Meal plan/prep: We also meal plan and prep foods on weekends. I usually make egg breakfast muffins for Liam, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, cut up veggies and fruits, etc.
  4. Do laundry: Starting the week off with clean laundry is key!
  5. Clean: We also make sure to clean up around the house.
  6. Declutter: Weekends are a great time to get decluttering done. Donate items, put items in the attic you don’t need right now, etc.
  7. Go through your purse: I love to start my week out by cleaning out my purse. Throwing receipts away, trash, etc.
  8. Make a to-do list: For the next week! I have a large one for the week and small one for each day I add to as the week progresses.
  9. Run any errands: Ship packages, make returns, get gas, etc. I love getting all of this done on the weekends so I can enjoy my week more.
  10. Do a workout: Or two! Something about weekend workouts make me feel super productive. They are the bonus workout!
  11. See a family member: This is a great time to see grandparents, or parents you don’t get to see as much.
  12. Go for a family walk: We love doing this when the weather is nice. It also crosses working out off the list. Trust me pushing a stroller up a hill is a workout.
  13. Attack one area of your house for a deep clean: Maybe deep clean your fridge, or a drawer, or clean out your closet. Take one area of space in the house and make it cleaner and more organized.
  14. Mark things off your to-do list: Going back to running errands – this is a good time to mark stuff off a bigger to-do list if you have them. We have a to-do list of random stuff around the house we like to get done and take the weekends to do one or two of those things.
  15. Do some of the laundry you don’t usually do: This is a great time to wash blankets from the couch, pillows, towels, etc. Anything you don’t wash as much.
  16. Disconnect: Take one of the days or an afternoon and unplug and disconnect. You’ll feel so much more refreshed.
  17. Work on a hobby: Do you knit, sew, craft, bake? Take the weekend and work on one of your hobbies.
  18. Read: I love using an hour or two on the weekends to read. Such a nice way to unwind.
  19. Recharge: Take a nap, do a face mask. Do something that helps you recharge! You will feel amazing for the next week!

I hope this inspired you to have a productive weekend next weekend and perhaps implement some of these things into your schedule.

What would you add to this list?

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  • 23 thoughts on “19 Productive Things To Do Every Weekend

    1. Sam Montana

      Great tips. I think some people think there is nothing to do on a weekend, and this shows there are plenty of things to get accomplished. Weekends are a great time to get those little things done.

    2. chelf

      Excellent tips! I love utilizing my weekends to make sure I have an organized week ahead! I never thought of decluttering my purse but it’s a brilliant idea indeed!

    3. erika

      Every Saturday I disconnect from my phone for at least 12 hours. It sounds like a long time, but once you start enjoying yourself, you don’t even think about it. Best habit I’ve made that’s honestly life changing. Loved this post (:

      Erika Marie |

    4. Lauren

      This is a great list, Neely! My weekends are Sunday & Monday so I’m definitely going to try to tackle some of these today (especially cleaning!). Sunday’s (or in my case, Monday’s) are so great for relaxing and focusing on your hobbies!

      Lauren /

    5. Joline

      We usually do meal planning on the weekend too. And get our food prepped for the rest of the week. One less thing to worry about!

    6. Flossie McCowald

      We already do a lot of these each weekend. Saturday is our family Sabbath where we all get to relax and do what we wish. Then Sunday after church, we all shift into get ready for the week mode, with “Cleaning Power Hour” where we all clean the house top to bottom, swap sheets, catch up the laundry, etc.

    7. Marjie Mare

      I try not to clean or do grocery over the weekend as it takes a lot of my time. I enjoy reading, do something fun with my kids, or just enjoy each other company. I have been doing that since I read a post about self-care sugggesting that.

    8. Eileen M Loya

      My weekends are all about laundry, deep cleaning the house and re-stocking the fridge and freezer. I do get some much needed relax time and I spend it binge watching my favorite soaps on Netflix! 🙂

    9. Christa

      Being busy around the house is my favorite way to spend the weekend! I truly enjoy decluttering and cleaning – it relaxes me! This is a great list. 😀

    10. Nichelle

      Being productive is my daily life. However, some days, especially weekends, I do nothing and love it. You have some greatctips here. Every woman can clean out their purse. Lol! Especially me. Taking one section of your house and deep clean, I love doing that too. It works for motivation.

    11. Melanie williams

      All these are a fab list that is for sure. A good recharge and chill out is always a yes. along with shopping and seeing loved ones xx

    12. True | Her Key Blog

      This is definitely a very real life inspirational post! You are so right about nothing being worse than grocery shopping on a Monday it’s a nightmare!! My week goes by much more smoothly with a clean house, prepped meals, and a plan! I have started trying to do all of the things on Saturday so that way, my Sunday is much more relaxed = less Monday blues! Thank you for sharing !!


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