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3 Things To Consider When Buying A New House

Life · Sponsored Post · November 15, 2018

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We bought our house 3.5 years ago. It seems like yesterday honestly. It’s hard to believe this is our 4th holiday season in our house. The house itself has come a long way. When we bought it, we really piecemealed furniture together and had zero budget to decorate. Sure over the past 3 plus years we’ve managed more, but I want to share 3 things to consider when buying a new house, especially if it’s your first house!

3 Things To Consider When Buying A New House

Don’t Freak Out About Lack Of Furniture: Our house is 4 bedrooms plus 2 living spaces, a bonus area, and a kitchen with a breakfast nook. We came from an apartment and didn’t have much furniture. Of course the OCD part of me wanted to furnish every single room! Thankfully there are places like CORT which, offers furniture rentals.! It’s the best way to make a house feel like a home without spending a fortune! You can rent an entire house worth of furniture or even just a few rooms! This is great for people moving into first homes or even apartments! It’s hard to furnish an entire house at once and can really get expensive. This way you can gradually buy what you need. They even have amazing knick knacks and decor items. Think lamps, mirrors, etc. These are a few of my favorite living room combos!

Set Something Aside Each Month: If you want to decorate, paint, buy new appliances, etc, I suggest setting a little something aside each month so every month you can get one or two things on your list. I would also wait for big holiday sales and check out local garage sales for items you can revamp! You won’t believe the kind of treasures you can find that just need a little love! Plus you can use CORT’s furniture rental service in the mean time!

Don’t Go To The Top Of Your Budget: When you are pre-approved for a loan don’t go nuts and spend the amount you are pre-approved for in it’s entirety. You never know what hidden costs may come up in the process of moving, and once you move discovering little imperfections. For example: when we bought our house we had to replace our backdoor within a month and our dishwasher. Two things we weren’t prepared for. Being house poor is never fun. I have seen way too many friends do this and it can put a huge stress on you! We tried to stay at around 70% of what we were approved for.

Do you have any tips to add to this list of things to consider when buying a new house?

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  • 18 thoughts on “3 Things To Consider When Buying A New House

    1. Joyce Brewer

      We’re still renting in Atlanta, although I owned a home in Mississippi before we got married.
      We definitely need a furniture upgrade once we move to our first home together.

    2. Jaz Daigle

      CORT was a life-saver for me when I first moved out on my own. It was super easy for me to rent a few pieces so that my apartment wasn’t empty. We also used them for corporate housing!

    3. Joshua

      Never really considered filling living space with furniture rentals. But guess it makes sense if you have a large house and didn’t already own the furniture to fill it.

    4. Stephanie

      I remember having the same issue with wanting to furnish our entire house when we bought our first home. We just slowly filled it out and did as you suggested by setting aside a certain amount per month to work on the house.

    5. Marjie Mare

      That post comes at the perfect time for me. We just moved to our brand new house 2 months ago. It is still mostly empty. I am grateful for your tips.

    6. Denise C

      Renting furniture is a good idea. When we bought our house, we had to completely furnish every room, so we bought cheap furniture. Don’t do what we did. Rent and then replace with good stuff little by little.

    7. Christa

      These are such great tips! I think staying considerably under budget is really important. Personal, I’d rather have the extra money for savings or remodeling.

    8. sarah camille

      These are great tips! The DC market is super competitive and I think a lot of people really test the waters financially on what they can afford .. something I’d like to avoid!

    9. Ally Jones

      Those were all amazing things to consider. It’s so hard to buy a house because you have to look out for so much.

    10. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Awesome tips! When we bought our home, we made sure we have saved at least half of the total cost of the house . My daughter and my son in law are looking at buying a new home. I will have to check on how far they have gone into planning and saving for it.

    11. Elaine

      I would also encourage people to consider DIYing, if they can! My husband and I purchased our house free and clear because it was dirt cheap and we committed to doing the work ourselves. It was a huge project, but we learned a lot just by watching YouTube videos. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but it IS possible to put up drywall, install real wood floors, and lay down tile yourself without the help (and price tag) of a contractor!

    12. ananda

      i love the advice of setting aside a certain amount per month to work on the house!! i got so exhausted last time we moved due to my impatience! 🙂

    13. Tonya Morris

      Wow I have never heard of furniture rental before! What a great idea! These are all great tips to keep in mind as well.


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