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2018 Goals and 2017 Check In

Inspire · Life · January 2, 2018

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Happy Happy New Year friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years. We did a puzzle and went to bed early cause #parentlife. I can’t believe it’s already time to share my 2018 goals! I am sharing January Goals this week too! But first things first, let’s look at my 2018 goals and a final check in on how 2017 went.

2018 goals

In 2017 I wanted to…

  • Read 50 books. With a new baby this already seems daunting. So I didn’t read 50 but I was close, and for having a baby I feel like I did better than I expected.
  • Continue to blog full time. Again with a new baby I really hope I can grow my blog even more than I did this year. Yes and it was a great year with awesome opportunities.
  • Lose baby weight in a healthy way and keep up with it. Yes I lost 73 lbs! 73!!!! That is so huge for me and I did it in the healthiest way. It took me NEARLY 9 months to get where I wanted but I’m in the best shape of my life!
  • Focus on health more than a number and make sure we are all eating healthy. I did focus on the number a lot but I tried to focus on how things fit and how I felt more.
  • Spend quality time with Andrew and really focus on our relationship. We did! We had a lot of date nights once we felt OK leaving Liam for a bit and we tried to have a lot of time together at home. I feel like having a baby has really made our relationship better.
  • Go on at least 2 trips with Andrew and baby boy. We took Liam to Houston a few times to see family, to Austin for a week this month, to the lake, and to Chicago when Andrew went for business.
  • Get a few house projects done that we’ve been wanting to do. I mean we got some small things done but there are bigger DIY things we really want to do.
  • Continue to be more financially aware of spending. Yes. I try VERY hard to focus on needs.

All in all I think I did really well!

In 2018 I want to…

  • Read 60 books (too high?)
  • Have a more successful year blogging than the past one.
  • Work with 2 brands on my dream list.
  • Continue a great exercise and healthy eating lifestyle.
  • Find a new workout class I love and go once or twice a week.
  • Have 2 date nights a month with Andrew every month this year and alternate planning them.
  • Find the best Mother’s Day Out program for Liam and get him acclimated well.
  • Take Liam to more places in Dallas on my 101 in 1001 list.
  • Go on two trips. One with Andrew only and one with Andrew and Liam. Add in be OK with leaving Liam with grandparents over night!
  • Work towards my social media growth goals.
  • Cross at least 25 things off my 101 in 1001 list.

Something new this year is giving myself a word for the year. I see SO MANY people do this. My word for 2018 is balance. I need more of it in my life. Balance of work and life. Balance of time with my family, my friends, and for myself. Balance in indulging vs, restricting. Just balance all around.

I would love to know what some of your 2018 goals are!

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  • 32 thoughts on “2018 Goals and 2017 Check In

    1. Yara

      Oh 60 books is such a great challenge! If I get half of that in this year I’ll be super happy! What are you currently reading?


    2. Mary Varville-Rodriguez

      It’s awesome to see your 2017 goals and results. I think I want to do that this year too. When I worked in community outreach, I’d spend lots of time planning and documenting my goals and outcomes. (As a SAHM and Writer in Progress that doesn’t always happen.) It really helps to have these visual reminders of how much we are accomplishing each year. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the details and it often feels like I’m not getting as much done as I’d like. Your post today provided the reminder I needed. Thank You!

    3. Sara

      Wow –73 pounds is amazing. You are an inspiration! I have never done a goals list for the New Year, but maybe I should try putting one together! Happy 2018 to you!!

    4. Jaz

      60 is not too many! I think that’s an attainable goal for you, as well as the other goals in your list. My word of the year is ‘courage’ so I plan on being more intentionally courageous when it comes to my career and blog. There are a few brands on my wish list for this year, and my goal is to at least reach out to them this first quarter.

    5. [email protected]&Willow

      Happy New Year! You did great with last year’s goals. I’m inspired by you losing that weight. It’s something definitely on my goals list this year. I can’t wait to see where your blogging journey takes you in 2018!

    6. Kelly Chen

      Great list of goals! My word for this year is intention. I want to be intentional on how I spend my time. I’m hoping that will help me focus more & accomplish more of my goals for 2018. Happy New Year, Neely!

    7. Sara

      LOL I was trying to come up with a word for 2018 and kept coming back to balance… and then would remind myself that I’m terrible at that. I’m trying to finish making my 101 list, so I’m off to check out your ideas. Cheers to 2018! (I also finished my own puzzle on New Year’s… but was unable to convince the husband to go get wine. lol)

    8. Joline

      Looks like you had an awesome 2017! I didn’t reach my to-read books goal either so I set a more realistic one this year. And yay on the 73 lbs!! That’s a huge deal. All the best for 2018!

    9. ShootingStarsMag

      I love your word for the year. Congrats on losing the weight! I’m in a weigh loss program so part of it’s based on the number, but I try not to focus on it too much. I’ve been doing it for almost a year now and I just want to do even BETTER with all of that this year. Find new things to eat that are good for you and that I enjoy, find new ways to exercise that I enjoy and can keep up with. I also want to have a better blog/social media year than last year. It will really help me achieve other goals for my blog!


    10. Gingermommy

      I have a few health related goals and would love to be more active and lose weight. As far as work, I have already achieved my goals. Just signed 2 new clients today for ambassadorships

    11. Dogvills

      Good for you! I am happy to read posts like this because it is so motivating. I wish you the best in 2018 that you achieve your goals and have the best time with your husband and son.

    12. Cheryl Oreglia

      This is just what I needed – INSPIRATION! Bravo. Many of our goals are similar but I raised my four kids and they are off on their own. I still love to read, keep a blog, lose weight, date my husband, and enjoy life! Best of luck to you.

    13. Tonya

      You did great in 2017! Sad to say I didn’t do as well. This year I’m focusing on one power word each day instead of yearly resolutions.

    14. Jessie Jones

      Balance was my word last year – it involved removing myself from A LOT of things and saying NO. This year, I’m working on focus – to get where I want to be, a simpler, healthier, more joyful life! Happy 2018, friend!

    15. Annemarie LeBlanc

      You have set some really realistic goals for 2018. I haven’t started goal setting yet, but thanks to you, I found my inspiration. Starting my list this week.

    16. Heather

      That’s a great list! I’ve planned a house project for each month. Let’s see how many I can cross off the list in 2018.

    17. Tami

      As far as your book goal, I say don’t make it any higher than what you achieved last year. If you do, then only increase it by ten percent. I enjoy reading but don’t even get that much time.


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