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5 Random Things To Register For

Baby/Parenting · Pregnancy · October 28, 2019

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I have done lots of posts about items I think it’s good to register for, but now that we are a few weeks away from meeting our second baby I wanted to share more random things to register for. I was very graciously thrown two baby sprinkles with this pregnancy, and when Andrew and I went to register there just wasn’t a TON we NEEDED. We had a lot from Liam and I worked with some great brands on partnerships. So a lot of what we registered for were more practical random things. I know a lot of second or even third or fourth-time moms may find this post helpful. But even first-time moms these are GREAT things to add to a registry!

5 Random Things To Register For

Batteries: This was Andrew’s idea. So many baby items require batteries and we always find ourselves running out of them. So we went ahead and added several battery sizes to our registry and it was something I know we will be happy we have.

Gift Cards: This was actually an idea I got from a friend several years ago. Adding gift cards to grocery stores, restaurants, Amazon, Target, Walmart etc to your registry is great because things ALWAYS come up that you find yourself needing later. Plus, you can use those gift cards for diapers, wipes, formula, etc down the road.

Formula: For anyone like me who struggled to breastfeed, having formula to supplement is always a good idea. No matter what you do, fed is best. I decided to add a few containers of formula to our registry and I was pretty excited to receive some because formula can get VERY expensive!

Daily Essentials: At my baby shower with Liam, one of my friends gave me a bag full of essentials: a brush, comb, medicine, wipes, etc. I thought this was SO GENIUS! Stuff we ended up being so glad we had at 3 AM when Liam ran his first fever. So this time I went ahead and added medicines, diapers, wipes, creams, soaps, a brush, and all those other daily essentials to our registry. It really just didn’t even cross my mind the first time! So glad we will have so many essentials this time. It’s also now my go-to baby gift!

Organization: I think moms, especially moms of more than one, can never have too much organization! One thing I really wanted this time was a Totesavvy organizer. This is in no way sponsored. Totesavvy did send me two organizers but they did not ask that I blog about them. I just am that excited. I have a lot of cute totes I use daily and I love the idea of being able to switch them out easily. I have this size and this size both in gray. I think these would be great to add to a registry because they can EASILY turn any bag into a diaper bag!

Did you add anything random to your registry? If so tell me below! Let’s give everyone more ideas!

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  • 16 thoughts on “5 Random Things To Register For

    1. Stephanie

      Batteries and gift cards are a wonderful idea! My mom did a raffle for a restaurant gift card at my baby shower and they got a ticket for every package of diapers or wipes they brought. I had so many that I didn’t need to buy any for my first and had enough for my second son until he got to size 4! It was wonderful. I also didn’t breastfeed, and yes, formula gets expensive. I had a friend buy a variety pack so we had a few options to figure out which was best for my boys which helped a lot. They ended up on two different formulas, so it was nice having options both times.

    2. Kristen

      I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd and I am definitely registering for gift cards. I have never done it before but it is such a smart move!

    3. chelf

      gifting daily essentials is such a genius idea idea no matter the occasion! We all need those and it shows how well the other person knows us and our current needs!

    4. Cassie

      Batteries are an awesome idea! We seem to be out every time I turn around. And it’s hard to go wrong with a gift card. Both ours were in the NICU, one longer than the other and gift cards came in so handy for all those little things that make life easier there, and then on diapers when we were all home.

    5. Courtney

      So many clever ideas!!!! Battery’s are such a good idea!!! One can never have enough battery’s that’s for sure

    6. Christa

      These are such great suggestions! I particularly love the idea of registering for organizational items. All the stuff adds up quickly and having a place to keep it keeps me sane. 😀


      Gift cards are a great idea. They can come in handy and there are so many to chose from. They do help when you need nappies as the cost of these does build up.

    8. Melanie williams

      Wow so much useful information here for sure. Many will find this useful advice. I am always buying giftcards xx


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