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5 Things I Always Have With Me

Life · Sponsored Post · August 26, 2019

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I always think it’s interesting how from person to person we vary on the things we have to have with us. Sure there are obvious things: phone, keys, wallet, usually we all always have those things. I am talking about the other things. So here is a peek inside 5 things I always have with me. Just in case you are curious!

5 Things I Always Have With Me

Lip Products: I carry a pretty small makeup bag with me where I keep things like tweezers, bandaids, floss, medicine, and about 8 lip products. Usually 5-6 forms of lip balm and 2 or so glosses. I just can’t make up my mind and I love trying new products. So you will always find at least a few in my purse.

Snacks: This is especially important while I am pregnant. If I don’t eat pretty often I get very nauseous. One of my favorite snacks to keep on hand either in my purse or in my car are the Sahale Snack mixes. They are SO delicious and really fill me up when I need a boost. The worst thing is to be somewhere and get hungry and not have anything handy. Especially if you are stuck in traffic. The Maple Pecan Glazed Mix is probably my favorite one but I also really love the Honey Almond Glazed mix. These are resealable which is perfect if you’re snacking throughout the day. I even got my husband hooked on them!

Tablet: I take my tablet pretty much everywhere because sitting in Dr appts, or even working out at the gym I try to get in reading when I can. You never know when you’re going to have time to kill.

Mints: I am addicted to mints! I seriously have them everywhere in our house, in my car, in my purse, etc. I am a big coffee drinker so mints kind of need to be around too! Nothing worse than talking to someone with less than desirable breath. Plus I just love them!

Extra Sunglasses: I am the worst about breaking sunglasses. Even keeping them in a case in my purse I just am prone to them breaking. So I always keep an extra pair. I hate not having sunglasses and I find it super hard to drive without them.

I would love to know you always have with you now that I have shared things I always have with me!

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  • 13 thoughts on “5 Things I Always Have With Me

    1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      The honey almonds are my favorite! This post reminded me to get more of them. I want to try the maple pecans too. I don’t go out of the house much, but when I do (for doctor’s appointments), I have a crossword puzzle book. my smartphone, snacks and an inflatable neck pillow in my bag.

    2. Lina

      Lip gloss, anti-bacterial hand gel and gums are things I always have with me! I should incorporate snacks since I’m always hungry

    3. Stephanie

      When I was pregnant I always had snacks, too! For me, I don’t carry much. I don’t even use a purse/bag most of the time. I have a phone case that doubles as a wallet and my keys are on a D-clip so I clip them to my belt loop and put the phone in my back pocket. But, when I do have a bit more, it usually means I have my kindle reader (always have multiple books loaded on there), my glasses/sunglasses (prescription), and my water bottle.

    4. Didi Marie

      Firt, may I say that your site is SO aesthetically pleasing?! And yes to those lip products. I’m usually light on snacks and extra sunglasses, but I make up for it in reading glasses. Don’t get old!! 😀

    5. Melanie williams

      Oh yummy those snack mixes look really nice. Love how they are pocket sized too so handy to take out xx

    6. Christa

      I wish I always had sunglasses with me. I always forget them. Lol. I definitely carry snacks at all times. Can’t go without my food.


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