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Currently Loving August 2019

Life · August 28, 2019

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Hard to believe August is about to end. I mean I’m not sad about it. I hate August. It’s way too hot and just not a super enjoyable month. Although this month we have loved meeting more of our new neighbors and really starting to feel at home in our new house. I am so excited to share all the things I’m currently loving!

Currently Loving August 2019

TV: I am really loving summer TV right now. The Hills, Teen Mom, Bachelor In Paradise, Younger, Jersey Shore. Gimme! I know most of it is garbage but you know what I like my garbage TV. Also if you haven’t watched Younger yet, what are you doing with your life???

Podcasts: I have added a few new Podcasts to my rotation so I figured I would share since about half the emails, DM’s I get are for podcast recs. I am loving Whitney Port’s podcast, With Whit. She is so down to earth and real and you kind of feel like you’re listening to a friend talk. I have been binging The Drop Out aka all about the Theranos scandal and now I really feel like i need to watch the documentary. I have also been listening to LA Not So Confidential which is a true crime podcast.

Beauty: My summer beauty routine is really simple. Brows- Glossier boy brow, Mascara- Wander beauty, highlight- Becca, and bronzer- Physicians Formula butter bronzer. Then usually a lip balm with SPF. I got the best lotion ever in my Fall Fab Fit Fun box it’s the human and kind lotion and it’s to die for. I am really into Naturopathica aloe cleansing gel for washing my face. I am loving my slip silk hair ties still for keeping my hair up and also leaving my hair crease free.

Fashion: Yeah 27 weeks pregnant my “Fashion” is basically anything that fits and is comfortable. Basically these t-shirts and Nike shorts 24/7. But I am loving so many fall/winter things and just excited I won’t be pregnant to wear them!

Random: I am LOVING being in a routine. Liam is back in school, and we are settled in our house. So things finally feel normal. We have been spending tons of times with our awesome new neighbors and just enjoying these last months as a family of three. I am also really loving my new gym! I joined our local Y and I really like having the family membership. I look forward to Liam being able to start sports there next year.

What is something you’re currently loving?

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  • 16 thoughts on “Currently Loving August 2019

    1. GiGi Eats

      Routine is something I definitely miss. I haven’t had much of a routine since I move to Los Angeles 9 years ago. Before then, I was a super routine girl, that’s for sure. Now… I just go with the flow, and with an 8 month old, yeah, even more NO routine here. LOL

    2. Stephanie

      I haven’t watched any of the shows you mention! I am currently watching Outlander and 13 Reasons Why season 3. School has been back in for a few weeks here, and I have to agree that being back in a regular routine is a wonderful feeling.

    3. Brandy

      Sounds like a lovely August. I also cannot believe it’s over. SIgh. I do love the fall season though. Congrats on week 27 of pregnancy though, I had no idea.

    4. Nichelle

      Congrats on your pregnancy. That is always an exciting time. August has been good to me too. I’ve been seeking new things to add to my list. Being a podcaster, I love listening to them. It’s always good to find something new to add to your daily routine.

    5. Norma

      We have a couple of birthdays in August so it’s always nice to celebrate and love August even though it is hot and kids start going back to school.

    6. Van Tran

      It’s a beautiful time for summer but I honestly can not wait for October. It’s my favorite since the October weather is the best. It’s too hot now in Arizona

    7. Bree

      I need to get my routines back. Summer has thrown me for a loop and I do so much better at routines! I’m glad you have one and love it!

    8. Flossie McCowald

      LOL I love sleep – when I can get it! Hopefully once we’re a little more “settled” into the back-to-school routine, homework in afternoons and back-to-school teacher papers, forms, surveys, etc. will become less time-consuming LOL!

    9. Christa

      August is my birthday month so it’s my favorite. Lol. I live the Y. There are so many great programs there for kids!

    10. Courtney

      Ahhhh Routine really is the best!!! I can’t wait for my daughter to be back in school so all is back to normal and a schedule for us!


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