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5 Tips To Stay Active On Vacation

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · July 9, 2018

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We just got back from Florida and managed to stay pretty active. We indulged in the good foods because I am all about balance and the 80/20 rule (more below). But I wanted to share my 5 tips to stay active on vacation. That way even if you indulge the guilt isn’t there.

5 Tips To Stay Active On Vacation

Tip 1: Walk While on vacation it can be SO EASY to be lazy. You want to take Uber or Lyft everywhere and just not walk a ton. I get it. But if you are in a walkable city like we were, walking is a great way to not only stay active on vacation but also SEE the place you are in!

Tip 2: Explore The Amenities: I always LOVE a good hotel gym or pool! You don’t have to sit in the gym and do weights or run. You COULD swim laps, or kayak if your hotel is on water, just something cool the hotel offers. When we were in California for our baby-moon the hotel gym looked over the ocean and I loved working out while looking at the water. It made the time fly by.

Tip 3: Try Something New: Is there a class like Soulcycle or Barre that isn’t in your area? Try it out! I tried soulcycle for the first time in New York a few months ago and it was SO FUN! Not only to do something new but I knew if I did a terrible job I was never seeing those people again anyways! I also did a barre class in California when I was SUPER pregnant!

Tip 4: Do What The Locals Do: Find out what the cool workout is in that city. Is it biking? Is it surfing? Try whatever the locals do and see if it’s something you like. No time like now to step out of your comfort zone!

Tip 5: Go With the 80/20 Rule: While I think it’s important to stay active just try to do the 80/20 rule with everything. 80% of the time eat well and stay active and 20% of the time do whatever. You won’t ever feel like you indulged too much or that you didn’t enjoy yourself. Life is all about balance even on vacation!

While doing these things on vacation I also got to try out my new favorite workout top and shoes! I am OBSESSED with my adidas Ultra Boost, I have mentioned them here. Also loving this really great for summer workout top. I love the pink color and it’s perfect for cycle, barre, and gym workouts! Plus the pop of pink is just so fun!

What do you do to stay active while on Vacation?

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  • 21 thoughts on “5 Tips To Stay Active On Vacation

    1. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

      How active I am or am not while on vacation depends on where I am and who I’m with. For family trips to places like an amusement park we tend to be on the go. Once in a while it’s just one or two of us and that’s mostly welcome and overdue downtime.

    2. Jennifer

      I like that 80/20 rule for vacations. We use a lot of timeshares so we cook our own meals and control most of what we eat. Splurging is saved for when we go to a restaurant.

    3. Joline

      We try to sneak in a jog or two while on vacation. But usually we consider the massive amounts of walking as exercise enough! Those shoes look so comfy.

    4. ShootingStarsMag

      I could really use some new gym shoes! I love when you’re vacationing somewhere where you can actually move around a lot, like when I went to London. Lots of walking!


    5. Annemarie LeBlanc

      When I am on vacation, diets do not exist and exercise is an alien word. I take advantage of my vacation by relaxing and unplugging. Diet and exercise can wait when I get home.

    6. Dogvills

      Those are really great looking pair of sneakers. Looks really comfy too. It looks like it is made of mesh/breathable material? If so, then that would be perfect for the summer.

    7. Xperia Sol

      vacations are a necessity in life. we all need time to get away from home and work.the most important thing is to make it fun!!!! thanks for sharing this tips.. it make my vacations perfect.!!!


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