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7 Things You Need If You Work From Home

Blogging · Life · January 22, 2018

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As someone who has worked from home for the last 6 years, I feel like I know what it takes to stay motivated and get things done. People ask me all the time if there are certain essentials I use when working from home, so I figured I would share them! These are the 7 things you need if you work from home. Some of these are physical items and some are not but they are all necessary!

7 Things You Need If You Work From Home

Google Everything: I don’t mean in the research sense, I mean everything I use is Google. I blame my husband. Google Photos, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Calendar, Google Drive, I use it all! It’s how I keep everything organized from my blog finances, to my content calendar, blog photos, etc. I can also access it from anywhere on any device.

Chargers: I have 10ft chargers in nearly every room of our house (including Liam’s nursery). I also have this giant charger that I can carry around if we are playing on the floor or even if I’m drying my hair while he naps and I need to charge my phone. This charger is also perfect for travel!

Dropbox: I do not know how people function without Dropbox. I keep files I need to get to a lot in there so I can easily attach them to emails. My media kit, current analytics screenshot, etc. I also keep my W9 and other important forms in mine.

Good Technology: Having a good laptop, iPad, the right camera, lighting equipment, etc is VERY important. It’s also a very personal preference but just make sure you have good technology for any kind of work from home job, especially blogging.

The Right Space: Not everyone works great in a cube. I personally never did. I like being at home where I can work from my office, the couch, my bed if I’m sick, even the playroom floor while I play with Liam. I feel like the flexibility is endless. Some days when I have help (more on that below) I work from Starbucks or other coffee shops. Whatever it is, find the RIGHT SPACE for you!

The Right Help: I am terrible at delegating. I always want to do everything myself. But, especially when I was pregnant and having Liam I have discovered that everyone needs some kind of help. Andrew helps me with a lot of the back end and behind the scenes blog work that’s a HUGE help. I have someone who watches Liam for me 12-15 hours a week so I can get work done, go to meetings, have conference calls, etc. You have to ask for help when you need it. Remember you can’t do it all.

A Good Schedule: Working for yourself has a lot of pros and one of them is making your own schedule. Before I had Liam I would usually work in the morning early and do personal things from 9-12 then work the rest of the day. Now with Liam my schedule changes almost every day. If he doesn’t take a good nap I have to rely on getting most of my work done once Andrew gets home and after Liam goes to sleep. I try to stick to a schedule as much as possible. I highly suggest if you are able to have a good schedule of blocked out work and personal time.

These are all things that really help me work from home well.

Do you work from home? What kinds of things do you find helpful?

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  • 48 thoughts on “7 Things You Need If You Work From Home

    1. Jessica

      I work from home 8:30-5 five days a week and have for over two years now. I go crazy sometimes being in the house so much so I picked up a productive hobby and outlet (the gym).

    2. Farrah

      I don’t work at home exclusively, but I do often have to bring my work home with me–definitely agreed on all of these! Chargers + my schedule/Google and maintaining my schedule are my life! :p

    3. Lisa Wingerter

      This is great advice! Iโ€™ve recently started a blog, and am a stay at home mom. Iโ€™ve been working off a desktop and itโ€™s been really rough because my time is severely limited. Canโ€™t wait until my new lap top arrives. Flexibility is key to working from home.

    4. Michelle

      Google Everything is a must for me. I have found that Google is much easier and more reliable than iCloud, even though Iโ€™m an avid iPhone user.

      Love your tips about a schedule, sometimes thatโ€™s the hardest part for me!

    5. Dee

      These are all such great tips. I agree with the technology point. I’ve worked at places where the tech is just so outdated that it makes working difficult since it either needs to be restarted or there is some software issue because it needs an update!

    6. Yaya @La Vida Dulce

      I totally agree on a good schedule. When I worked from home I would have certain times I had to get up and be dressed by or times I needed to go out and get fresh air, otherwise I would stay in all day in my pjs.

    7. Melanie

      These are great! Iโ€™m so bad about having a schedule and accepting help watching my toddler. I always feel like Iโ€™m going to โ€œmissโ€ something if Iโ€™m not there… a new word, a new activity, etc. but having the second on the way? Iโ€™m definitely going to need to get better at those 2!

    8. Jen Gardiner

      Great tips! I have everything back up to 3 spots. lol My external hard drive, google drive and dropbox. Had an issue once when my laptop harddrive went and lost everything.
      I totally understand about working with a baby. My 15 month old sometimes decided he doesn’t want to nap. I usually just end up working with my laptop at the table if I have to and him playing around me or he’ll come sit on my lap.

    9. Sam

      I recently started working from home, so I have a bit of an addiction to reading advice on how to do it right! Loved this post. I’m still trying to work out the right routine.


    10. Liz

      These are all great tips! Having a well-organized schedule is essential for me between working 9-5, having a couple side hustles, running and hiking, and still having some semblance of a social life! I think the only other thing I’d add to this list of “must haves” is coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰

    11. Nellwyn

      I’ve been working from home for almost a year and having the right space and sticking to a schedule is key for me! I try really hard to stick to 9-5 work hours so that work doesn’t take over my entire life. Having a designated office is really important for me as well to get into “work mode”.

    12. Meg

      The schedule is my struggle right now because I have an infant along with 2 older kids. Their schedules don’t leave much room for mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    13. Ruth Epstein

      Great tips but I think the most important is a well organized schedule which I do have. I love working from home as I do not have to worry about walkers for Layla plus travel.

    14. ShootingStarsMag

      I do not work from home, but I’ve applied for remote jobs before so these tips all sound like great ones!! Plus, I went to graduate school in a completely remote setting so things like good technology, etc. work for that too.


    15. Arin

      I totally agree with this list…I have 10 foot chargers allllll over our house too…and I might add a good arsenal of coffee to my list haha.

    16. CourtneyLynne

      Yes!!! Great list! I work from home and would be lost without my chargers! Everything neeeds charging. I would be lost without them

    17. Crystal

      I love your list. I still use a paper calendar to keep myself organized, and couldn’t function without it. I love that you’ve listed Google everything. I certainly don’t know what I’d do without my tech!

    18. Tara

      Dropbox is one of my favorite things! I also Google everything! Great list! Seems like you have working from home completely under control! Thank you for sharing.

    19. Ave

      A schedule is really important, I couldn’t live without my planners and the schedule. I use Dropbox too and it’s a really great place for storing all the necessary files.

    20. Jaz

      Yes to all of this! I don’t think I could get through a work day at home without Dropbox, Google Calendar, my multiple 10ft phone cables and my Anker charger.

    21. lara

      I really appreciate the info you have in this post! It’s all so important and true. I am also a fan of google. so much so , i finally made the switch from iPhone to my Google Pixel XL. It has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I find the hardest part about working from home, for yourself, is sticking to a schedule. it seems all too easy to get distracted with housework, loved ones, & other things to get done. So blocking worktime and housework time… its SO IMPORTANT. Thanks for the reminder, girlfriend!

    22. Holly Hanna

      I so agree with finding the right space! I have my desk in my office, but that room doesn’t get a lot of natural light. So, I work in my kitchen where there’s a ton of natural light and great views — it energizes me.

      The other thing I can’t live without is my Erin Condren Life Planner — it’s a lifesaver!


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