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10 Wedding Gifts We Use Most

Life · August 14, 2018

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We have been married almost four years. NUTS. I have friends ask me when they get engaged “what should I register for?” I know this is a super common question. It’s so easy now to look back and see what made sense to register for and maybe what we should have skipped out on. Today I am sharing the 10 wedding gifts we use the most even four years later. Make sure to keep an eye out for some of the items I wish we had skipped.

10 Wedding Gifts We Use The Most

  • Vitamix: We use this EVERY day to make our green smoothies. We also use it to chop vegetables.
  • Kitchenaid Mixer: Andrew makes pizza every Friday night and he makes the dough from scratch. So this gets used minimum once a week. More when I bake! We have the ice blue color.
  • Mixing bowls: We got this set of mixing bowls and I never knew how much we would use them. Not even just for mixing baking stuff. I use them to shred slow cooked chicken, to make Liam’s veggies bag (essentially bags of mixed vegetables to cook). So many things!
  • Everyday plates/glasses/silverware: We have these, these, and these. Obviously these are common things to register for but get ones that hold up. Also for glasses don’t get super expensive ones. We have broken at least 5 glasses and to replace them was easy. They are less than $3 each!
  • Stemless wine glasses: I hate wine glasses with stems so these were one of my favorite things we got. We actually registered for two sets.
  • Nice cookware/bakeware:Ā  This is one item I think people should put on their list that can be more of a splurge. We have a Calphalon set and use it nearly every night. For bakeware we got a set from Williams-Sonoma and I use the cooling racks, muffin tins, and cookie sheets weekly!
  • Knife block set: A nice knife block set is essential. We use the steak knives for most of our dinners, and the other knives to chop veggies, prep meats, and more.
  • Cutting boards: These are also used everyday at least twice.
  • Slow Cooker: This is one of the only ways I cook. We use this around three times a week and more in the winter. We love slow cooker meals.
  • Vases: I registered for a few really nice crystal vases and we use them all the time. I love fresh flowers and I love the way they look in this vase.


What is one wedding gift you use the most?

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  • 25 thoughts on “10 Wedding Gifts We Use Most

    1. candy

      This was extremely helpful to know what you actually use after getting married. I want my gift to be used and not re-gifted or put on a shelf back in a corner.

    2. Brittnee

      This is actually very helpful as I’m being invited to weddings and the registries are so big! I’ll definitely look for gifts people will actually use.

    3. Kate Werthmann

      I love this list, and after 2 years feel the same. We didnt register for everyday plates and cups because we had a ton, but the new set of cutlery we chose (and my sister gave us) is still one of my favorite things, and most complimented. Just from Target, but it was the fist time in both of our lives that we had a FULL set of matching silverware!
      The next should be a comical list of things that you don’t need to register for like kate spade cake cutting tools and napkin rings for the dinner party yo already know you’ll never have!!
      My husband just wanted to ask for cash and not register. He didnt understand that this is now tradition and if you dont register for things you like then people are going to buy gifts anyhow and it will all be stuff you hate and will ever use! People mostly WANT to buy registry gifts- its a pride thing, I think, too, as a gift giver- you want to shower someone special with a physical thing that you can see when you come over or something.

    4. Peter

      I love the flatware and plates. The slow cooker is also a great gift that keeps on giving. These are perfect wedding gifts.

    5. CourtneyLynne

      Awesome wedding gift suggestions! For my wedding I was so mad! Everyone got us cash! I spent so much time on a registry for zero reason šŸ™ I was so bummed


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