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A Year Of Firsts

Baby · Sponsored Post · February 13, 2018

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Today, Liam is one year old! It’s hard for me to even fathom that my 7 lb 4 oz baby boy is now a one year old. This was a year of firsts and milestones and I wanted to share a few of my favorite times and moments.

A Year Of Firsts

  • Bringing Liam Home: Liam was in the NICU for 6 days, so bringing that tiny baby home was the best. I can vividly remember that night looking at Andrew, and we both had this “now what?” look on our faces. Like they entrusted us to take this baby home and raise him and no one gave us a manual? It was very warm for February and we actually got to take him for a walk the day after we came home. He was such a chill baby and slept so great! Those first few weeks were a bit of a blur but we had lots of couch snuggles, lots of time in the Rock N Play, and lots of kisses.  Oh and diapers. LOTS of diapers. I think we went through a pack every other day!

Teeny tiny newborn Liam

  • Liam’s first smile: This is a moment I remember well. He was about 5 weeks old and we were playing after Andrew came home from work. He looked at us and just smiled. It was perfect.
  • Mama: Mama was Liam’s first word. I know a lot of babies say Dada first but he said Mama. He talks a ton now and mama and dada are just part of his vocabulary. One of my favorite things is when he crawls into my lap looks at me and says “mama.” It’s such a sweet, special, time. I love that we have such an amazing bond and that I’ve been able to be home with him this first year.

Getting active

  • Getting active and cruising with Cruisers: I would say from about 9 months on Liam’s activity completely changed. He is GO GO GO all day long right now. We started using Pampers Cruisers around this time because they cling to him well and are just better for an active little one! They provide the same amazing protection but hug him and stay put with an active dude. As soon as he goes down for a nap or to sleep he zonks right out, but man during the day he doesn’t stop! He loves to dance and listen to music. He loves to crawl and get into EVERYTHING. Current favorite thing is closing doors. He has learned to crawl, pull to stand, and push a walker all within the span of a few weeks. He is fast. But it is SO FUN! Watching him figure something out and the way his face lights up when he realizes that he has accomplished something is the best feeling.

Learning to stand

  • Snuggle time: Once we dropped Liam’s third nap we started having our daily snuggle time. We basically lay on the couch and cuddle for about 45 minutes before dinner. I would be lying if I said that every day it melts my heart and I also wonder how long it will last. I know he eventually won’t need the rest and not want mommy. Right now he wants mommy and I love it.

I could probably write a million words with my favorite memories from the years but these first and milestones were just a few of my favorites. This year has been one of the hardest, most challenging, and craziest of our lives. But it has been the most loving, rewarding, humbling, and gratifying as well. One thing that has remained constant is our love of Pampers diapers and wipes. We have been using them since the day we came home (we stocked up on them before we had Liam) and we’ve never looked back. We’ve gone from Pampers Swaddlers with our newborn, to Pampers Cruisers with our active boy, to Pampers Baby-Dry at night for extra protection. Pampers diapers are really a brand that grows with your family to give you the diaper needs to take you through all the times ahead. If any of my mama to be friends ask me what diapers to get, I always say Pampers. I know we will be Pampers users for a long, long time.

This post is in partnership with Pampers a brand we love and use daily.

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  • 21 thoughts on “A Year Of Firsts

    1. Patty Hancock

      What a great year with so many new beginnings and adventures in Motherhood. It must be comforting to know that you have a diaper like Pampers to keep baby dry.

    2. hey sharonoox

      Congrats on baby Liam first birthday! Children grew up so fast these days! I kept telling my little one don’t grow up so fast. I know I’m going to miss the snuggle time especially.

    3. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Enjoyed reading your list of “firsts.” It brought back so many memories of when I was a young mother too. The first smile, first word, first step, first solid food experience! Oh and the first haircut turned out to be a major screamfest! Ha ha. Happy times! Pampers was my choice for diapers too. None of my kids ever developed diaper rash or any other irritation!

    4. Lesly Birkland

      It goes so fast and the diapers they go through can be pretty impressive those first few weeks! I really enjoyed reading your post – made me remember the days when my two little boys were babies <3

    5. Tracie

      Such a precious time that first year is. Hold on to every moment as they will last you a lifetime. This post made me reminisce about my first baby and her first year. She is 31 now and she is still my baby.

    6. Jeanine

      So sweet! It’s so crazy how quick it goes by. But so many precious and fun moments with all the 1sts! Happy 1st birthday to liam.

    7. Jayme

      The first year is always the hardest people say but the reality is every year will bring its own set of happiness and challenges.

    8. Mary

      First…happy birthday big guy!! 1 year old is a big one for the family! So much happens in that small time frame. It definitely sounds like a filling year. Also congrats to you for keeping a mini human alive!! I always am so impressed with parents. I can barely keep a plant alive.

    9. Eryn

      The first year seems to go so slow yet also so fast!!!! When they turn one every time I’ve been like, really? How is this possible!? Although it can be hard to say goodbye to the first year, the next few are oh so special as well. ❤️


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