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5 Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Inspire · Life · February 12, 2018

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For the most part I feel like I can get things done easily, but sure enough there are days I procrastinate. It’s as if I will find ANYTHING else to do that is not the thing that needs to get done. So over the years I have come up with some things to do to help that. Today I am sharing 5 ways to avoid procrastination if you find yourself in this predicament.

5 Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Do the hardest thing first: I tend to procrastinate the hardest thing. Some days that’s my workout, some days that’s working on a blog post. So, I try to do that thing first. I look at my to-do list for that day and do the hardest thing/thing I want to do least first. That way it’s over!

Set rewards: If you complete a BIG goal, for instance completing 12 weeks of BBG, hitting a certain blogging income goal, finishing a huge work project, reward yourself! Maybe it’s a mani/pedi, maybe it’s a new handbag. Whatever it is have something fun to work towards.

Be realistic with your expectations: Don’t expect to get 12 hours of work done in 4 hours. Of course you are going to procrastinate that. Instead, set a realistic amount of work and work towards that bigger project. If you have an unrealistic expectation you will avoid it like the plague.

Don’t try to do too many things: Kind of going along with the above, don’t overcommit and try to do too many things. It will sink your motivation faster than you know.

Have a plan: I personally love to-do lists. So I plan out my day with that and Google calendar to figure out what needs to get done, when, and how. If you have a plan once you feel like you may procrastinate you can look at your day and get motivated again!

It can be easy to procrastinate but hopefully these tips to avoid procrastination will help!

Are a doer or a procrastinator?

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  • 41 thoughts on “5 Ways To Avoid Procrastination

    1. Anna

      The ‘not doing too many things’ is a part that I always trip on. I’m a procrastinator, but I used to be a doer. It’s getting better, though, but and I will definitely use those tips. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    2. Traci Ferguson

      Your site is just beautiful and I love that you cover so many categories – just my still. And I’m procrastinating by reading through here and not doing the work that I’m supposed to be doing lol. Reward first!

    3. Rhui

      These are great tips you have here. I do sometimes rush on things end up messing more stuff. Good write up. I’ll sure to keep those in mind.

    4. Melitta Campbell

      Nice tips. I’m working on rewarding myself more and I see a big difference in my productivity when I take a few minutes to plan my day the night before, and focus on one or two big tasks.

    5. Arliss

      Thanks so much for sharing these tips! As someone who often works from home, I’m always looking for new ways to be more productive, so I really appreciated this. πŸ™‚

    6. Rachel Evans

      I think that being realistic is the biggest thing for me. It can be so demotivating when you’re trying but not getting anywhere. Then I give up and go and make a cup of tea and do 10 other things before I start working again.

    7. Wendy

      It’s funny I should run across this post as I procrastinate on doing some longer writing. Tasks required for my job. Writing is not my strength being a math person. But alas, now I will tackle it and reward myself when I do the hardest thing first today.

    8. Chelsea Adams

      Having a reward for myself is super motivating. I do the opposite though on the hard thing versus easy things first. I like to be able to cross a thing or two off the list in hopes it will motivate me to do the hard thing next! haha. True procrastination at its finest! πŸ˜‰

    9. Joline

      I think for me, it depends on the day lol! Sometimes I wake up and I’m just on sloth mode. I try to get the little things out of the way first though. Next time I’d try your way and do the hardest thing first!

    10. Deborah

      I think I am both… There are days I feel with so much energy that I end up doing everything on my To Do list, others I just don’t manage to get anything done. I’m pretty sure part of it is because my work doesn’t allow me to disconnect from everything and concentrate on my tasks.

      Hasta pronto,

    11. Penny

      I am a procrastinator, but maybe a strategic one?
      I do save the fun stuff for last as a reward and I do try to do the hardest thing first.
      Nice self-assessment for me, thanks!

    12. Liz

      I heavily rely on having a plan and a to-do list! I schedule out time to do tasks and when that time rolls around I make myself sit down and work on the task. If you just commit to something and schedule it in it’s less painful to get it done πŸ™‚

    13. Carmela

      These ideas sound great. I just had a wake up call that procrastination is not a good idea (yesterday) when I waited until the last day to submit a video, and the video did not record! Better to give yourself time to compensate for these things that happen! Thanks for the tips.

    14. CourtneyLynne

      Great advice!!!! Rewarding yourself does sound like one tip I will need to try out! Make sense why one would want to stay productive when there is a prize to be had lol

    15. Menaka Bharathi

      Procrastination is too synonymous to my daily routine – I tend to want to go back and forth social media and then forget what I was actually doing – its a vicious cycle. nice thoughts here though

    16. ellen beck

      I am actually procrastinating being online right now because I have some things to do outside and it is cold. I had he page open for like an hour…. procrastinating reading ha! Actually I am not a big procrastinator it depends on what it is. And yep, after I am done typing I am going to be doing the hardest chore first.

    17. Karen

      Love reading this post, when you start thinking of yourself I never realised that I procrastinate at times….who knew! Definitely agree with your first one, get hardest things out the way first. x


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